2 player issue
well i played a 2 player game with a game pad. when i played player 1 player 2 responds as well the same button as player 1 i both hold the gamepads and nobody is messing with me how can i resolve this problem?

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1)Use the same input plugin for controller 1 and controller 2
2)Use Lilypad plugin and configure it properly for both players
[Image: newsig.jpg]
You can use different input plugin , too . But You have to use different "tab controller" for each other . Example , in First Controller field you can use SSSXPAD plugin and in Second controller field you can use Lilypad plugin , but you should config only at first "tab controller" of SSSXPAD plugin and leave it's second "tab controller" blank . Then , it's the same with Lilypad , you config for second "tab controller" of it and leave it's first TC blank... good luck

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