2 problems are causing me pain that makes me fleel just before a nervous breaktown.

At first, I will describe a common problem which has its origin in the Gsdx PlugIn. to be exact it only appears as dx9 HW interface is selekted. It differs in signification on almost every single game but however it's within upto 90% at all games present and visible like more or less affective. I dunno how to descripe it but it looks like that parts of the gfx are shared into more time parts such are in form of an explizit geometric a basicly retangle however the shapes do differ in size that is random like in differend games but do show a clear verfiyable repeat pattern in relation to the scene. The cutlines did appear in form as I labeled them but they actually are the gap inbetween the shared retangles. The whole thing looks like some lines would have been reasonable set like it looks similiar to a raster field.

Anyway this problem will be become on mean once I try to set a custom dx resolution. That however isn't boiling point already but the fact that for every game a custom res. definatley exits that is flawless like same as nativ res but its upscaled. Further more this res. need to be setup per pix exact neverless these res. also unequals any ratio to the game oirginal res. Now u might have got what really can drive somebody that far into pur desperation.

without a base value i have been forced doing with per pix. step res. run checks.
@ Devs. plz there must be any basic law that offers a way to reserve track these exact pix res. at least something that doesn't take as long as finding its correct Res thats curretly almost match the playtime thats been needed to finish the game.

one example is my second problem(follows later) child is, Teggen Tag Tournament needs run a custom res in 1200x900 this particiular res is the flawless one and only res . do not ask why especially those integer values are match. thats i would have been known about, also.

Ok 2nd and last prob but no way lesser nervous stress than the former mentioned brother. Tekken runs Slow Motion like i would say 25% below standard game speed. The point is, no matter what anyway res. has been set same like unchanged whatever gfx interface u set though sw or hw and still stick on display if u are trying all avalable plugins und to verifiy this problem as it is fulltime present reveals kind a rockstable resitance against all in range measures which are provided by a set of differend options beging from Speed hack and ending on Fix hack, all these options affecting in lesser than nothing once concerning any visible change relation it could be even easier to get visible contact on a less smell charched fard.

Plz. I know I ask for a 2nd time help but it cause an equal urge to become unruly like the other do very the same. Smile

let's go back and become more serious. That must be something part of the emu itself since it's strict results that is present allover the system though anything other ain't like hard coded source doesn't match the contition to get focus on the origin and force the gamespeed upon its used realtime.
I would appreciate even some tipps if u could point me on the specific functions. I can do some little code change and compile the source as long those functions are not inquire to lock up on it's parent class. To be exact I can do thing within a frame such as local variables valid.

Thnkz in advance.
Greetz 8

and move over all spell and typos as I did the same. thz Laugh


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the most of the time, the flawless res is the native one.
about the slowness, you never mentioned your pc specs...
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
Ohmy ..... Dude, I'm gonna have to ask you to focus on what you're trying to say. You attempt to go into too much detail, and no offense, but your english is not that good... Sad

Please try to sum up what you're asking. Put your questions in single sentences. Like this:

"Why is the game running slow?"
"How can I make it run faster?"
"Why are the graphics messed up?"
"How can I fix the messed up graphics?"

It will be most important to mention which game you are refering to specifically, since emulation seriously varies between different games.

If you are having some kind of graphic issues, posting a screen-shot of it helps best (let us see it).

Also, posting information about your computer's spec (CPU, GPU, etc...) is important. As well as your chosen PCSX2 revision and settings. Smile
ok in as less words as possible.

like I tried to explain. there exists for all games a also flawless but upscaled resolution in addition to the native one and that becomes more strange than its final screen also reflects that they are in difference. simple said, 2 res. where both screens aspect ratio differ in comparsion on each other although in both cases the same content is displayed. i. e. "4:2 : 16:9"

Why are all Tekken T.T. visible movements(not affect on sound + music) on at least 30% down slowed speed done? How can I change the game speed flow other than raising the base frame rate? That only offers a more healthy 100+ frame rate while watching still the same slomo moves. I would rec a video but i got a low down bandwidth for upload only.

I got raised my doubts that could be something like a bug. I can't exclude that I even could have been run into a copy protection mechanism. Then it would be happend me for the very first time concerning ps2 system.

C2D E6600 3.22ghz (host clock@360 mhz)
PC HD6870 1gig vram
4gig DDR2 800 RAM (perfomance match @ 720mhz freq.)
running PCSX2 in XP sp3 environment.

got a gemer laptop too. Not necessarly to say it's perfecty the same like before on the PC. Concerning both the game speed and the resaulting pain in my neck.

New question. Is there any really good beat em up for the ps2 that will work fine with pcsx2 platform beside Tekken T.T. + Virtua Fighter 4 EVO + Soul C. III.

Tekken and pcsx2 seems to be quite differend in meaning of time calc.
VF4 do really nice on emu but thats particular an exact example of such a kind of gamesplay Beat Em Ups thoses can't touch me. Even it would have come with sexy naked fighter smacking each other, i would not do a serious fight. At least, as long as there is no win contition sounds like the winner may undress the looser Laugh
SC III my unbeaten favorite beat em up at all. But therfore a extreme high count of gaming hours. Even the best game becomes over time lame.

applied pictures of the fist best 4 games i could grab which showing this res. effect.

I forgot to clear about where it problem are display. Most time its only happen on 2d rastered screens also in overlay. some single line can sometimes appear in 3d screens too. but when they are only affect very little and rearding pix are almost countable

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oh hell yeah...one problem fully neutralized just one left.

Do come things closes i did get Tekken TT twise. one for NTSC(my 1st version) and for PAL refresh rates. And again I did get exact the same behavior like i was already used to be. I did a last desperatly try to change the situation while I did setup the VU cycles ripper@max + framelimiter@off, manual base frame rate@ 150%.
What can I say against all other possibility, I would'n have never get this as solution. Anyway....at least its off list.

For all Tekken players I got following solution against the all slow movement. This is for PAL and might have been slightly modified on the base frame rate setting for be the same on NTSC.

VU cycles ripper max + framelimiter@off, manual base frame rate@ 150%

use only this methode, you can all other option leave at default.

For all unsers(me included) who prefer a raised image q there can be used a custom upscaling @ 1200x900. After long testings i found beside the native one no other res. without that gfx flaw. otherwise I would have go up to 2048x1152(display native)but no chance at all.

A last word for all users who are about to play this game. this bugfix runs only of cost more performance. For the PAL i.E. your machine need enough power to keep constant frame rates over 80. that's required by pal for, in my opinion, reflecting constant min must move speed for beat em ups

Greetz 8
You need to realize that having over 60fps (or 50fps on PAL) is very inaccurate for natural emulation. If you're running at 80-100fps or more, the gameplay should be in "hyper-speed", not feeling normal. Using the VU Cycle Stealing with some games (especially when in excess) can easily cause false FPS readings. Just a heads up. Smile

You've been talking a lot about Tekken Tag, but then you posted a pic of completely different games. I can't work with that... Tongue

I am happy you're able to enjoy the game, though. Smile
The pics are to show the common fx problemes at up scaled resolutions.

And again I have no idea why that settings are can fix the tekkentt slowmo speed problem
(08-11-2011, 08:46 AM)V8BiTURBO Wrote: The pics are to show the common fx problemes at up scaled resolutions.

Ohhhhh--&nbsp Ok, I understand ya. Smile

Yeah, it should be expected that there be a few little side-effects with up-scaling sometimes.&nbsp PS2 games were not necessarily made with such up-scaling in mind, ya know?

Make sure you're checking out a different mathod of up-scaling just to see if it looks better (has less glitches). Either use the scaling, or try a custom resolution of 1024x1024. Some glitches are unavoidable, like the one you'll commonly see by text in menus and dialogs.

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