20fps in good computer
Specs :

Win7 Ultimate 64 bits
Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz (4 CPUs), ~2,7GHz
GeForce Nvidia GTS 250 1GB
DirectX 11

I heard about the release of the 1.0.0 version, then i though maybe now i can play MGS3 decently and still the same, i tried to play DBZBT3 and i played that great before like 45-60fps always and now with luck i reach 20fps S: , i hope some replies ^^.

P.S Sorry for my english S:

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what are the percentages at the top of the GS window? also do you have gsdx configured to some silly high internal res? because that card probably wont handle that.

also please post your emulator settings and plugin settings (mainly gsdx and spu2-x plugins)
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upgrade your graphic card to high end mid range sapphire hd 6670 1gb DDR5 low profile

OR gaming graphic card nvidia GTX series and AMD hd 7770 ghz edition DDR5 above!
PCSX2 uses the CPU way more then the GPU does, even so you can get a small performance profit from a faster GFX, but still the CPU is more important.
go into video plugin settings and make sure render is not set to 'software'. if it is change it to direct3d10

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