24: The Game, why pcx2 hasn't fixed the LAGS yet?
I've spent the last 4 days on this
the only possible answer lies behind pcsx2 and its incapability to handle the game
and there's no tag of configuration and settings i haven't test and tried
my spex's...
amd fx8150 8-core
8g ddr3

and there's no game by now that could possibly stand against this gear
and all the other ps2 games run smoothly with nativex6 and all other stuffs to max
its just this game that bothering me and many other 24 fans

Im wondering why pcsx2 doesnt have a lil respect for its users and haven't fix this issue for years

the best setting for the game by now is

(v1.1.0 5541)
GSdx 5464 sse2
everything default in EE/IOP and VUs except "clamping mode>>extra" to prevent banana mini-map

GS everything unticked and disabled, ticking those two option may affect the speed of the game, not being around 60fps

GS window everything ticked and fit to screen

speedhack everything ticked
EEcyclerate 1
VU cyclestealing 1 (may go to 2 or 3 no dif at least for me)

and none of game fixes works nor affect

so tell me is there any for-gods-sake other possible thing i may missed here in this software

believe me I've tried everything up and down,
nothing found

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you found out your problem :
Quote:amd fx8150 8-core

AMD's "faildozer" architecture has been shown to perform very badly under pcsx2 and intensive gaming in general.
so, no, it's not surprising...
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RAM : 16 Go
thats ur opinion bud
if what u're saying about AMD processors is true, the company must have been bankrupted by now, specially the FX series
so many people buying them coz thats whats needed for gaming these days, are they all wrong? or maybe Intel's technician opinion about AMD is right?
Bulldozer, good enough but not for intensive ps2 games.
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From pcsx2 perspective(and most other applications/games as well;p) this cpu scores worser than dual core Intel Core i3 2100(3,1ghz) and at same clock is nearly two times slower from new i5/i7.

If you are't rendering, encoding or using similar heavily threaded applications 8 cores are complete waste of money and considering each single of those cores are soo slow, that's generally the worst cpu's to get ever.;p
If you had enough money for one of the top end gpu's, you should at least read and article or two before choosing your cpu;] ~ pity you didn't and well soo don't expect all games to run at full speed. Emulated games same as native differ alot with their requirements, just becouse many games will work fast, doesn't mean you can call it a pcsx2 problem when something will not, that cpu is just too slow, live with it;].
any of you re-directing problem from pcsx2 to my cpu
just show me a 3 seconds video of you or any other person playing the game JUST without LAG, not graphic no fps just the LAGS fixed

not cutscene and no interrogation scene

a play with gunshot

I'll apologize everyone of you
I didnt come here right after my failure
i've been looking for a solution the entire past 4 days, looking the entire pcsx2.net forums and youtubes and other sites
seeing people fixing everything but the LAGs which makes it impossible to play
quad sli 690's?
you ok?
Since i'm not a 24 fan, i dont have that game. I'll ask my sis and try it under pcsx2.
But if you bother searchung around thise forums, you'll see tons of threads talking about faildozer.
Hint : the search box is at the top right of this page Smile

Edit : FYI, piledriver architecture seems to perform really better...
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
Video doesn't prove anything;p you could play at 0.1 fps and still get max fps at recording. The link I posted in previous post is a benchmark which will show you how awfull your current cpu is for pcsx2.

This game is slow even on better cpu's than yours as can be seen here, but seriously there are other known games which require even better cpu than this was tested on. Speed isn't really considered a bug, life is brutal, emulation is demanding that's all and unless the game is popular, nobody really tries to find a workaround or hack which could improve it(pcsx2 is filled with hacks just to make some popular games run better;p, yet another brutal truth that it works on springs and duct tape@_@).
well the bottom line is....
forget about it
go open granny's treasure box, pick up ur dusty ps2, find a non-HD TV to plug it in and play it
thats it
thats all

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