24 - the game
I've been trying to get 24 - the game running
It DOES actually work, but it lags horrifyingly.
fps gives a value of 60, but it feels like 10 max
at the beginning ee was 100% but i got that figured out now and it runs around 40 to 60
though the 10 fps (felt) sound runs at proper speed without problems - feels kinda ps2y Smile
though the 10 fps (felt) the log thingy attatched gives me a playable tag soooooooooo.... that cake defenitly is a lie

i did read a thread, where some1 said pressing f4 makes it runs "sexily" but that just made fps go 140 and the speed went bananas - meaning soldiers actually walked around with 3 times the speed they should.

additionally i read a thread where it said v0.96 doesn't support the game properly, but that ought to be fixed? idk
i run v0.98

whatever my sys:

win 7 home prem
i7 960 @ 3.2 ghz
16 gb ram ddr3 800mhz
ASUS EAH6870 @1ghz gpu and 4.2 ghz ram (1gb)
7200 rpm hdd
xfi extreme gamer or something soundcard (but i dont think that helps)
system is oc'ed out to the max due to aircooling ( at least 60 db and proud of it Laugh )

pls tell me if i forgot something

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Please check if you set your VU Cycle Stealing to something more than 2..
i had the preset on 6 meaning vu is on 2 should i turn it up to 3?

EDIT: turned it to 3 - no change - maybe a bit slower, but sound is still ok

idk if that tells u anything but i had the res on native ps2 all the time
it DOES give back some graph errors but thats ok to me (minimap)
Disable it
disabled vu cycle stealing:
graphics gives me 20 fps feeling like it too
sound now lags like *****
ee around 95%

when i turn around where there's nearly no level
fps goes to 50 - still feels kinda laggy sound freaks out too
minimap now goes bananas but still ok
Set back your preset to 1, your system is powerful, especially GPU, why bother using preset up to 6..
Speedhacks give false FPS values, so this is normal. If it doesnt feel like they are actually making a difference, it's best not to use them.

without speed hacks what does the EE and GS say? Also have you tried the latest SVN and the MTVU speedhack (this one doesn't give false fps)?
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set to 1
fps now around 15 to 20 feels like it, low level area 40 fps feels like it too
sound laggy
minimap working better
ee still at full work - even caught it at 101% Biggrin
oops sorry just edited my above post for additional stuff Tongue

not sure how you managed 101% Blink
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not sure either how i made 101 thats why i added it Blink
withouth speedhacks:
ee full work gs around 15 to 25
fps 20
fps low level area 35

i kinda cant find svn and mtvu hacks
do u mean the micro vu hacks block and flag?

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