24 the game on PCSX2
Hello everyone!

I have unconvinient problem with 24 the game on pcsx2.
When I try to play it on pcsx2 beta it works with 13fps and stops after 30 seconds. I really don't know how to configure pcsx2 for this game. If you can help me, please reply. I really want to play this game :/

My PC config:
AMD Athlon x2 (dual core) 6000+ [email protected]
GeForce 9600GT 1GB
4GHz RAM (4-4-4-12)
Windows 7 Release Candidate 1

Please help Sad I hardly need to play 24 Wink

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I think you will have to play it on your PS2. Have a look at the compatibility list... Sad
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Okay, thanks a lot for answer. Is there any possibility that one day it will be compatible with pcsx2?
(07-11-2009, 11:15 PM)st41k3r Wrote: Okay, thanks a lot for answer. Is there any possibility that one day it will be compatible with pcsx2?

Hell Yeah!!! Just have faith on this glorious pcsx2 team. Without a doubt you will be able to play it on pcsx2 some day (maybe even tomorrow if you're lucky ^^).
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Actually I have that game and it emulates fine for me. I'm not aware of any other configuration options needed to play it. It might not play well from CD. You'll want to make an ISO image of it on your hard drive for best results (if you haven't already).

The compat list for 24 the game is outdated, based on pcsx2 0.9.6 RC1. We fixed the bug prior to releasing 0.9.6 final.
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The problem is that I dunno how to configure pcsx2 well, 24 seems working but very slow, I think I have to configure graphics in some other - better - way. I've already got ISO image.

try DX10 HW from here
okay, i finally ran it somehow, but now i have a question how to save a game besides F1, how to load it after i quit the program; game?
i downloaded pcsx2 r4980 and i get 40-50 fps in 24 the game, but it is still slow,,,, can anybody tell me which version of pcsx2 is best for playing 24 the game,, and how to configure it???

The one you use should be the best. If you don't get good speeds do the usual, enable some speed hacks, reduce the internal resolution of GSdx, overclock your CPU. If none of these help your PC just can't handle it.
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