2D Sprite based game settings..?
Apologies if this is obvious..

Are there any particularly recommended graphic settings/plugins to use when running 2D sprite based games (especially fighters/scrollers) as all the ones i have tried look very ugly/low res, blurry textures.. any way to enable some form of anti aliasing or smoothing of the sprites..?


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If you play the game on your actual PS2, it will appear to be smoothed on a CRT TV. This is because your monitor is much much more precise than that type of TV and therefore there will be a lot of pixelation. Did you know that the native resolution of a PS2 is only 512x512 pixels?

However, if you go under the "config" tab and go to your video plugin settings, you can increase the internal resolution of the game, therefore making it "smoother". There is also an AA hack, but I wouldn't recommend using that. Also, you can use a texture filter to make the textures look sharper.

Edit: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Emulating...-Fantasy-X (This thread comes to mind.)
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