2D blurriness
Is there a PCSX2 setting to make 2D games sharper or is this a quirk of the PS2?


Street Fighter Zero 3 on PCSX2:

PSP version on PPSSPP:

2D games look equally sharp on SS and DC emu's so I'm thinking maybe it's PS1/PS2 limitations but I'd like confirmation

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Did you tried disabling texture filtering or\and using different interlacing mode?
yeh turn texture filtering off and it will get rid of the blur. That's just standard bilinear filtering
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You can try to turn off the graphic filter in the game options screen.
Thanks, I disabled texture filtering and it looks a little better...


Only when I switch to hardware mode (2x res) it's as sharp as the other versions:


BUT this fidelity only lasts for less than a second. Then this happens:


I tried messing with some of the hardware hacks but couldn't get rid of the glitches. I want to believe there's a way since in HW mode the game looks perfect for a split second...
Try software mode(F9 while game is running).
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Try software mode and then go through a few interlacing modes with F5. If that doesn't help,
it's probably how the game looks on a real PS2 as well.
I know for certain that most arcade conversions look horrible on the PS2.

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