2D fighter graphic glitch
Hi, I'm new here

I noticed that all 2D fighters from Capcom have this "square tile" graphic glitch, this is in Street Fighter third strike, M vs C 2, Capcom vs SNK, and so on. Basically anything that is 2D sprite have break or tear on them like mosaic and it's there no matter what setting I choose.

Can anyone recommend a optimum setting or a fix to get rid of these? If not I'd still like to know your general setting for playing 2D fighters because they look pretty bad on my 22" 1080p monitor

my spec:

i7 920
playing on pcsx2 r3113


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Disable filtering in GSdx and/or run in native resolution, it would be easier to know your problem if you take a screenshot of it as well as your graphic plugin settings.
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