2d Filtering
This probably won't ever happen, just due to the fact that demand isn't there for it. But I was weeding through alot of the options on GSDX plugin and I was curious about the possibility of adding options for 2xsai, hq2x, and stuff for 2d games like Ar Tonelico and Mana Khemia and the other jrpgs.

If i am not mistaken, i believe that GSDX has one already built in, but no option to change it or make it a higher filtering. (I'm aware that there is a filter option on the latest revisions, but I'm not sure if its the same thing as what i described above. I tried it out and it didn't produce the results I'm used to seeing from other emu's with those options.)

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man,in newer gsdx version there is an option called "upscaling",and if you think that option isnt much,then you are crazy ^^
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Another thread on this topic where Air responds on why such filters aren't in the emu.

The scale option doesn't filter (aside from if you have plain texture filtering on) which is what he's asking. Something I misunderstood in the thread I pointed to as well.
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