2k5 question (Not what you think)
Ok, using the latest 0.9.8, you can actually get into ESPN NFL 2k5 by setting both VU0 and VU1 to interpreter (you can switch back to recompiler after the SEGA screen), and all in all, the game runs great.

That being said, I do have a freezing issue, and am wondering if its my disk, or if theres still a bug to work out (hence, why I'm not in the bug reporting forum).

During the Chris Berman opening segments, the game will almost always lock up at some point before getting into the game (the last audio segment of about 7 seconds gets repeated). If I manage to get into the game, it runs fine.

Looks a LOT lot a scratched disk in all honesty. I know even my 80GB [PS2 software emulation] PS3 locks up sometimes on this game, so I was wondering if anyone can confirm if its the emulator, or just the disk. If anyone else has the game [and I know some of you do], could you gave a try and see if you have any better luck?

If its the emulator, then I guess its another bug report, and 2k5 has one final bug to overcome.

I'm running GSDX (tried all versions, all DX levels), and already tried Interpreter on the VU's, with no change. Also disabled the audio core (emulate SPU2 only), with no change, which I suspect points to the emulator...

Oh, and one minor emulator note: If for whatever reason, any folder becomes invalid, PCSX2 defaults ALL folders to their initial locations in "My Documents", which is annoying when I'm trying to keep all my emulation related stuff in once place. Its annoying when I have to remember to reconfigure everything, especially if I forget to do so with the savestate directory for a week or two. Might want to do something about that in the next build...other then that, 0.9.8 runs great.

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You could try checking if the same freezes happen using only interpreter VUs.

Also try using the 0.9.8 binary package, it should never look for any folders outside it's own:
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Tried VU Interpreter only, same results. Doesn't rule out a bad disk though [it was gamestop used, so I'm not ruling it out]. My 80GB PS3 [software emulation] is acting in a similar way [but freezing at a different point], but that really doesn't prove a fault one way or the other...

Also, does PCSX2 use the registry now? Could be one of my old SVN releases mucking up settings somewhere; link you posted has same results, with most of the PCSX2 folders defaulting to within the My Documents folder.
(06-02-2011, 06:47 AM)gamerk2 Wrote: ...link you posted has same results, with most of the PCSX2 folders defaulting to within the My Documents folder.

Impossible, my friend.

The binary package contains a file that causes the use of local settings. If you're seeing anything in "My Documents", it's probably from a previous PCSX2 install.
^^ Thats what I figured; I'll probably have to clean out my emulators directory at some point.

Back to the question at hand, can anyone confirm of my lockups on 2k5 are PCSX2 related, or just a bad disk?
Two updates: 1, cleaning out all my old PCSX2 SVN stuff resolved the issue with the wrong directories being defaulted.
2: When re-starting NFL 2k5 [lost my savestate, like an idiot Laugh], I noticed a lot of occasional freezing on the menus, which would take several re-loads to get past. Right now, I'd wager the game still freezes from time to time in PCSX2, but otherwise works, but I'd like comfirmation from someone else.
Out of curiosity are there any errors being thrown out in the console log? Does the whole emu crash or does the game just stop working but you can still get into the menu?
^^ No crash in console log, game is just stuck in repeating audio loop, causing the entire thing to hang. FPS is still changing though, so it appears more a game hang rather then the emulator. Never in the same exact spot though, and once I'm actually in a game, seems to work fine. Wish I had a newer disk to test with...

Game runs GREAT otherwise (then on my rig, it should...).

Did you change anything other than VU0 and VU1 from the default settings because I tried the game and cannot get it to work? It freezes everytime I load it, either at the player association screen or at the main screen when it checks for memory cards.
Been a while since I updated this, but since this is kinda a continuation from my last post on this topic, I opted for a bump.

By forcing both VU's and the EE to interpreter, using GSDX, I'm able to get past the first loading screen. There is some luck involved though (more on that in a second), so make sure you grab a savestate once you get past it.

Game runs great from that point, unless loading a game. From my testing, you have about a 90% chance of locking up, regardless of the game mode, usually during the Berman intro for "normal" games (play now, franchise, etc). If you are lucky, you can get to the "press X to skip" part and get into the game before it locks up, in which case you are fine. Also observed the loading screen for practice and first person football have the same issues. I stress once within a game, it runs fine.

I guess theres something going on during the loading of the game and when games are being loaded thats causing the emulator to hang. (By hang, I mean audio starts to loop over a 10 second interval; emulator itself is still working fine otherwise. Video is frozen during this period).

The fact that it seems random (freezes after varying amounts of time) is odd though. I'm wondering if the PS2 HDD could somehow be in play (as 2k5 is like one of two games that use it)?

Annoying I can't get into the game with ZeroGS, as I can't rule out a video plugin issue. I note I have slightly more success with ZeroGS in software mode, but the issue remains. Could just be random sampling though...

Tested on several versions of PCSX2, including several unofficial builds, same result across the entire 0.9.8 lineup as near as I can tell. I stress once within a game, it runs fine, so if you use savestates, you can get around the freezing issue, so the game is technically playable...tested with three different disks, so its not a bad disk like I suspected 6 months ago.

Don't think I can go anywhere with this unless I decide to break out a debugger. I can upload the savestate if anyone wants to take a whack at it...

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