2nd controller is recognized in LilyPad, but doesn't work in games
Hi all,

We're trying to play some Co-op games for fun. I bought a generic PS2 USB controller andd it's recognized as "DX USB Gamepad".

I can set up and correspond buttons to it in LilyPad, but when we boot up a game and play, the 2nd controller is not recognized at all. Any ideas?

Edit: By the way, the first controller (still works) is an Xinput Xbox 360 controller.  And the new one is one of these beasts. And in the testing window, every button has a response.

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OK I answered my own question and am going to list it here because I've seen a few people with this problem on the internet with no resolution:

Controller 1: Xbox 360 gamepad (Xinput)
Controller 2: Generic gamepad/PS2/PS3/Ps4 (Direct Input)

The only way both can work at once is if you configure both as Direct Input (meaning Xinput needs to be OFF).

So, untick Xinput in the Lilypad settings, and have only Direct Input setup. You will need to reconfigure your Xbox 360 gamepad, but it will register the controls under Direct Input instead (the controller will be called Generic Gamepad: Xbox 360 Gamepad instead of Xinput: Xbox 360 Gamepad).

This literally took me hours to figure out. Hope I saved a lurker a big headache if they ever find this post.

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