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Im using a 360 controller and im playing Resident evil: outbreak .. only problem is when im in the game i cant walk????? ive been trying to figure out this all day but i just gave up all i can do is turn around and kick/tackle..... ; If anyone can tell me how to fix this or a guide to fixing it ; or someone who played outbreak and knows how it would be very helpful.

;also anyknow knows any tweaks to making the game run higher? right now my fps is 30-35 which is playable but its whatever ill play around with the configure.

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For the joystick thing, I believe you just need to adjust the sensitivity and/or deadzone settings (in the Lilypad config).

And about your performance, you're should post your system specs. That is, assuming you've tried low internal res (native) and applied Speedhacks the best you could (try the Preset slider if you're uncertain).
ok hopefully my character moves ><. thanks
Well it did work but its acting funny somtimes the directions arent working so well you know how to work the whole sensitive thing that would be great.
Do you happen to have DirectInput checked in the "General" tab of Lilypad's config? Make sure it isn't.

You understand how a deadzone and sensitivity work, right? You pretty much just set it to your preference. I'm not at my desktop right now and can't remember what I have mine set to. Smile
Well thanks hopefully when you get to your desktop you can tell me your or put an screenshot thanks.
(07-03-2011, 08:00 PM)Bositman Wrote: I've set sensitivity for the analog to 1.381. Works like a charm

He also notes he set his deadzone to 0.2, the default setting.
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Ok, so your problem is you can't walk in Resident Evil: Outbreak, right?

I don't have that game (or experience with it), but would it by chance be like other RE games, where you only have 2 movement speeds (walking, or holding the "Cancel/Run" button to run)?

If not the case, then I'd say your sensitivity is too high. You would then be hitting that full movement speed too soon in the stick's range, so decreasing the sensitivity would be what you need.

In the Lilypad config's "Pad1" tab, select each direction of the joystick one-by-one, and adjust the sensitivity a bit on each one. Just do little bits at a time (i.e. like about 0.05) until it feels right to you.

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