3D Model Ripping Help
So I recently got a new PC worthy enough to run PCSX2, and I wanted to rip models from the game "Burnout: Revenge", I have spent all day yesterday and today trying to get this to work, I can only get textures to download, but everytime I use a model ripper like ninjaripper, or 3dX, it never works. I press the rip key, and no matter what, nothing appears in the directory I listed to rips to be sent. I even set them to non used keys such as F10. So I was wondering about 2 things;

1. Is there a clear issue I have with what I am using to rip these models? (I have them set to DirectX11, have tried both hardware and software. I've also opened with admin.)

2. Does anybody here already have car models for Burnout Revenge? (Be that I don't need to waste anymore time working on this.)


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