3rd How many fps ???
Im sorry but now i think to buy another PC with this specs:

Processor: AMD Turion X2 Ultra ZM-80 (2,10 GHz 2 MB L2 cache)
RAM :2x 2048 MB RAM = 4096 MB RAM DDR2 800
Video : ATI Mobiliti Radeon HD 3650
OS : Windows Vista Home Premium

how many fps will run Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4 and WWE games (2009,2008)and TNA iMPACT ????

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You're building a computer with all of the wrong components for PCSX2. Go intel + nVidia for PCSX2, generally they work better. To be honest, you won't see near full frames in any of those games, naruto would probably be the one that gave you the most frames, and still it wouldn't be full.

Edit: With the new speedhack, maybe naruto would give you full frames. But i can't get the WWE games to run anywhere over 40FPS for me, speedhacks or not.
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yes but how many fps will be ??? can somebody say me
you wont get very high fps in most of the games. I'd say 60-70% full speed in most 3D games. but with the new VU cycle stealing speed hack you may get better FPS. Better try pcsx2 on a friends computer with similar specs. before you go buy the new one.
Pcsx2 requires cpu speed the faster the cpu the better. A 3GHz dual core cpu (C2D) is good enough.
Wow my friends dont have good pc's the best pc of my friend is with Intel Dual Core T1200 !! and 1,60 GHz from where i can download this VU cycle and when you say better you mean its will be with 30-60 fps right or 10-40 ???[/align]
just search for it on google. you'll find it.
well can someone say me with how many fps will be
no, go away.

seriously though, i'd expect somewhere between 10 and 40. but remember that if a native pc game isn't running 60 fps it's not a big deal, even 30 fps are nice and fluffy, that's not the case with emulation. it simply HAS to run full speed (that is 60 fps) or else you'll get audio stuttering, slowing down or desynchronisation. even 50 fps would make some games unplayable because of that.

get a c2d 3GHz+ (and an nvidia card for good dx10 performance) or else don't bother with upgrading tailored for pcsx2 at all. if you're on a budget - wait. if you really really must buy the rig you described though, you can use it for regular pc games and optionally pray that hacks that could increase performance in pcsx2 won't break your games.
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That's a laptop...
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(04-20-2009, 11:07 AM)Sythedragon Wrote: That's a laptop...
if that is a question yes its a laptop

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