4 or more player in smackdown here comes the pain
Im suffer with thise problem since in privious 3 weeks.. Im playing smack down here come the pain and when i play the royal rumble ,fatal 4 way ..etc which contain more than 3players the game slowdown ..please help me...

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Most of the time character models especially in those 3D fighting games are the most detailed and demanding part, so yeah it's pretty normal that more of them rises requirements. There is no game that'll keep exactly same requirements from the start till end, that's same for pc's, consoles and emulators that's the basic you must understand.

For increasing the speed, if you use any higher, you can try setting internal res to native or custom and typing there a res even lower than native like 320x320 or even less(it'll look like total crap and stuff gets unreadable;p), it can speed up, but res below native doesn't really improve the speed enough to balance all the graphics it ruins.
Other than that - GPU upgrade, low end gpu's like those gt610 are marketing traps, their usefulness is close to 0 considering "gaming" since they aren't really so much stronger than integrated chips. You should rather be happy that it's enough to render 3 player characters instead of wondering why it lags with more @[email protected]

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