50% speed in OpenGL HW & SW (both Windows and Linux and multiple PCSX2 versions)
         CPU:  Ryzen 1400 GPU: RX 5700 RAM: 16GB
         System: Ubuntu 20.04

This issue also occurred on my previous windows 10 OS when using openGL but NOT when using DX9/11, Hardware and Software mode performs at the same 50% speed and No Render fixes the issue. 

No plugin settings other than NO Render has any effect and the speed always drops to 50% exactly and remains at the speed, The game chosen makes no differences and loading the PS2 Bios screen also runs at 50%

Out of ideas for this one boys.

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SOLUTION FOR OTHERS WITH THIS ISSUE: (Seems to be an issue with vsync or something)

In the terminal: vblank_mode=0 /usr/games/PCSX2-linux.sh

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