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Any speedhacks for the ratchet and clank games?
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Reposting my patches from widescreen thread below. These are just converted from other codes I found online

0481AD8A = Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater (NTSC-J)

B01A4C95 = Ico (NTSC-J)

Both games are mostly untested.

NTSC-U versions here and here

Attached Files
.pnach   0481AD8A.pnach (Size: 196 bytes / Downloads: 4.995)
.pnach   B01A4C95.pnach (Size: 89 bytes / Downloads: 2.840)
Incomplete code(s)

Smuggler's Run 2 SLUS-20204
60 fps
2036EE44 00000000

Regarding FF12, sometime speed modifiers gets loaded directly into registers(so they don't appear in RAM), lui v0,0x3F80(3C023F80 hex opcode) then followed (not necessarily immediately) by a mtc1 v0,f12 for example. I tried all this instructions(3Cxx3F80) but no luck, I tried 3Cxx4000 and 3Cxx3F00 too but no dice Sad
Incomplete code(s)

Dragon Quest VIII SLUS-21207
60 fps
203E4B20 00000001 //fps
2016E2D4 3C023F00 //animations speed
201DE148 3C023F00 //running animation speed
202FB1C4 3C023F00 //traverse distance if it feels slow you can try 3C023F40 instead

From my limited testing of a new game, seems ok both field explore and combat , but beeing a RPG probably not everything is fixed.
This is an example which didn't have speed modifiers in RAM so we had to look for "internal" speed modifiers which I mentioned in a previous post.
Keep up the good work!
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Incomplete code(s)

Rogue Galaxy SCUS-97490
60 fps
20491B54 00000001

Dark Cloud 2 SCUS-97213
60 fps
20376C50 00000001

Both games need speed modifiers, I had no luck finding them.
I know it seems pointless to post these cheats without speed modifiers, but is good to have them for future reference, so others don't waste time finding them and can look for speed fixes.
60fps codes are one of my favorite things about emulation. Good job, everyone!

About the DQ8 running speed, 3C023F00 is too slow. More or less, 3C023F70 is best in my opinion. I haven't done a frame by frame comparison, so it may not be accurate (I counted time in my head while I ran from A to B).

Good news about having animations as separate codes is that I could modify them for 120fps (it needs "FramerateNTSC=119.88" in "PCSX2_vm.ini"):


Those values aren't fine tuned, but more or less they are correct, from what I have tested.

But my CPU can't hold 120fps all the time, and I need to use 4x native resolution with my GTX 1080 (5x native is pushing it to the limit), because GPU requirements are doubled once again. With G-Sync, everything is smooth for me at any fps, but the speed variance is noticeable when fps drop too much. 

There are quite a few animations and speeds left to modify (issues are a lot more noticeable at 120fps than at 60fps, obviously):

- Camera speed.
- Clothes/hair movement with wind.
- Events in combat almost don't have time between them. It switches turns too fast (although the animations of characters and enemies are fine).
- Day/night cycle time?
- Clouds speed.
- Fire animation speed in torches.
- Animations of water in fountains (probably in rivers and sea too).
- The king animations in the select button menu.
- Flying speed when you fly over the map, especially the fast speed.
- NPC movement speed when they walk around.

And probably more.

This thread should be stickied, by the way. It shows potential.
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The question is where to sticky it. The most likely areas already have quite a lot of stickies. No one likes a forum where the first page is entirely stickies.
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