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60 fps codes
Amount of testing: Little

Jackie Chan Adventures SCES-52412 0xAC4DFD5A
50/60 fps
202C4B48 00000001

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Amount of testing: Little

Catwoman SLUS-20992 0xE3DF71E1
60 fps
20242960 00000001
asasega, you seemed to miss my comment.

Can you please put the codes in this format?

For example, your Haunting Ground code would look like this:

patch=1,EE,201BEF6C,extended,28410001 //fps
patch=1,EE,201F4D88,extended,3C063F00 //speed

It makes it way easier and faster for me.
Amount of testing: Little

SWAT: Global Strike Team SLUS-20433 0x6E762B3C
60 fps
20467240 00000001
Amount of testing: Little
Notes: Everything is double speed

Malice SLUS-20358 0xEEC3E094
60 fps
2015ED74 10000012
(12-26-2016, 10:55 AM)asasega Wrote: Incomplete code(s)

Dragon Quest VIII SLUS-21207
60 fps
203E4B20 00000001 //fps
2016E2D4 3C023F00 //animations speed
201DE148 3C023F00 //running animation speed
202FB1C4 3C023F00 //traverse distance if it feels slow you can try 3C023F40 instead

From my limited testing of a new game, seems ok both field explore and combat , but beeing a RPG probably not everything is fixed.
This is an example which didn't have speed modifiers in RAM so we had to look for "internal" speed modifiers which I mentioned in a previous post.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your Dragon Quest VIII 60 fps codes!!!

please find the remaining codes for:
- Camera speed. (IMPORTANT)
- Events in combat almost don't have time between them. It switches turns too fast (although the animations of characters and enemies are fine). (IMPORTANT)
- Day/night cycle time? (IMPORTANT)
- Flying speed when you fly over the map, especially the fast speed. (IMPORTANT)
- NPC movement speed when they walk around. (IMPORTANT)
- Clothes/hair movement with wind.
- Clouds speed.
- Fire animation speed in torches.
- Animations of water in fountains (probably in rivers and sea too).
- The king animations in the select button menu.

I REALLY REALLY want to play this game with pcsx2 (6xIR and your 60 fps codes), so much better than 3DS version
they are all valid points, and some of them were pointed out by @masterotaku. I cannot fix them with my skill set. We need hackers,cheatcode makers like the guys from and others similar sites.

@Devina the format I use is the standard unencrypted hex form, the format that I get directly from the debugger, cheat engine etc. @K.F posted for you a script
Nobody asked you to collect, archive anything. If you don't want to make pnatch files it is ok, but don't ask me do do it.
Amount of testing: Little

Manhunt  SLUS-20827 0x38DEA143
60 fps
00548960 00000001
I tried K.F.'s script but it seems glitchy and doesn't work. I copy and paste, and nothing comes out in the output form.

Whateer, I guess I can deal.
Amount of testing: Little

Manhunt 2 SLUS-21613 0x3B0ADBEF
60 fps
20370DA8 24020001

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