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60 fps codes
@Super David, you're welcome, sorry I couldn't find speedmodifiers for all the games

@El_Patas, that is correct

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@Asasega, thank you very much, i tried it and the game works fine although my PC is old and the emu works slow
for me for notice visually a difference when the 60fps are activated and when not, i don't saw in the emu if there
is any option for show the internal fps of a game when is running for be sure about if is working.
Also i'm curious if this codes can work with the real PS2.

Best regards.
@El_Patas, same as you I have a weak PC, that's why I use the internal movie recorder(recommended by nemesis2000). You press F12 to make a movie, and no matter what the emulated speed is, because pcsx2 dumps every generated frame, the final video will be fullspeed. So when you playback that video you can see the game at the real speed. This is the same as with MAME(the emulator), they have the same concept, dumping every frame, that's why even if your PC can emulate let's say some heavy arcade game at 12%, when you playback the video the game will be fullspeed.
Regarding real PS2 and 60fps codes, depends on the game and the location within the game. A theoretical example: maybe in Wipeout you can sustain 60fps in time trial when you're alone on the track, in spots of the track where the overall geometry is pretty light. But in single race with AI and weapons effects etc, the game probably can't keep up. 
Another thing that matters is that if the game is using frameskipping or not. If not, then every frame is outputted and when the game can't keep up everything will be very slow(like in slowdowns on old consoles Snes, Megadrive). If frameskipping is active then the frame will fall and the game becomes choppy.
As of now pcsx2 lacks an internal fps counter, so don't look for it. Let's hope in the future it will be implemented.
does the internal movie recorder record audio
@gamemasterplc, yes, as a separate wav file
(03-10-2017, 05:52 PM)asasega Wrote: Amount of testing: Little
Notes: probably not everything is fixed, need feedback with savestates in problematic spots

Raw Danger! SLUS-21501 0x2905C5C6
60 fps
20700A3C 00000001 //fps
2048DC74 42700000 //anim speed
203A9A40 3F000000 //traverse pl
203A9A50 3F000000 //traverse npc
203AA1E4 3F000000 //traverse both

Hi, a note:
Setting 0x20700A3C isn't double speed, per se. It instead seems to let the game run at a variable speed, that being as fast as the EE will let it. This will cause the game to run faster at spots with less going on, and slower at spots with a lot going on. This can easily be shown by changing EE speed to 300% -- however, with the default value of 3, gamespeed won't change under these circumstances.

That being said, everything else but animations/movements still runs at double speed (even player-controlled actions like driving a vehicle), but it's a really nice start.

Edit: As a note, you can get true *double* speed by changing the internal FPS to 120 and not touching 0x20700A3C, although it's not the optimal solution.
@Souzooka, don't understand exactly what are you referring to. Nobody said anything about double speed. This game runs @20fps, that's why 700A3C has a value of 3(waits 3 vsyncs until a new frame is outputted). That's why 48DC74 has an initial value of 41A0000(20) because animations are tied to the 20 framerate.
We don't want to achieve double speed, we want to achieve 60fps. Games which ties their timings to the framerate will run double speed at 60 in case they ran @30 initially, or triple speed if they ran @20, or four times faster if they [email protected] and so on.
Timings is a complicated thing in games, there are multiple way of calculating them. Some games treat differently ingame timers to their animations and physics etc. That's why it is complicated to find sometime speedmodifiers, even if you find one for animations let's say, it is not guaranteed that it will fix timers too, or other physics related thing. Some games have separate timers for the player and npcs and so on.
Right, pardon my terminology. My point was that changing 20700A3C to 1 seems to cause a variable framerate (with it being as high as the emulated EE will allow), leading to inconsistent speeds/FPS. You can experience this, for example, if you leave the banquet hall and enter the kitchen hallway.

Edit: Nevermind, I did some more testing, this is indeed a CPU limitation thing and not a variable framerate.

Edit: Speaking of which, if you wanted to do some testing with more simple geometry, you can set 203A6520 to 0 and 203A6524 to 3, which will help alleviate the EE issue and allow for better realtime testing, I'm going to be poking at this more myself.
@Souzooka, the game does not use frameskipping, which means it will allways output all frames generated irrespective of how much time it took to render them
which further means when it can't keep up it will slowdown, because it is still outputing all the frames but not outputting them fast enough.(it is exactly the same as on old consoles SNES etc). The easiest way to check is to make a movie using the internal movie capture, when you play it back, you'll see that is has a constant framerate and timing.

Ah ok, saw your edit
Also, float 203AA140 is vehicle cart movement scale (carts, taxis, boats, etc.)

edit: I lied, this is only for pushing carts, it seems.

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