60 fps codes
Death by Degrees (USA) SLUS_209.34;1) Game CRC = 0xE1D6F85E
Death by Degrees (Japan) SLPS_254.22;1) Game CRC = 0xC889EFE8 (updated)
Death by Degrees (Europe) **check couple days in github repository**
+ Enable 60 fps in gameplay - Enable native progressive scan mode 640x448 (sharper image)
+ No off-sync videos speed up in progressive mode
+ add widescreen mode thanks to nemesis2000 - ElHecht codes from pcsx2 widescreen thread
+ add gamesettings profile for PCSX2-QT emulator with recomended settings (use for fps performance)
-in consoles or very "potato pc" fps can drop in crowded - big scenarios
-japanese version has partial graphics bugs in some cutscenes (PCSX2 bug)

using asasega partial fps codes manage to find correct val wiht sync videos (no speed up videos) also This game has the "progressive scan" mode disabled, so debugged and called correct variables image looks better.

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.pnach   E1D6F85E.pnach (Size: 900 bytes / Downloads: 30)
.7z   gamesettings.7z (Size: 741 bytes / Downloads: 16)
.pnach   C889EFE8.pnach (Size: 839 bytes / Downloads: 13)
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Radiata Stories
SLUS-21262 (47B9B2FD)

60fps in battle

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.pnach   47B9B2FD.pnach (Size: 37 bytes / Downloads: 14)
Hey there,

Any of you looked into the following games? Run Like Hell, Gauntlet Seven Sorrows, Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX 2, Reign of Fire, Blade II, Lord of the Rings:Aragorn's Quest
I'd be grateful if anyone did a 60 FPS patch for any of those. I can't see them on the list, hence my request.
Keep in mind we include the patches separately than before in the main and also has no-interlacing:

I posted the same in widescreen thread, in case you want to check/ mention issues and more.
(02-20-2017, 12:47 PM)asasega Wrote: Amount of testing: Medium

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers SLUS-20578 0xC818BEC2
60 fps
00381744 00000000

I tried this and didn't get it to work. Has anyone taken a look into Return of the King as well?

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