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60Fps code for Metal Gear Solid 3 PAL - Help
Hi, I've been trying to convert the 60fps code to the pal-i (SLES_82044) [5A31EA42] version of metal gear solid 3 subsistence for over a year.
I also purchased an original copy of the ntsc version to be able to compare the .elf files of the two versions but unfortunately I was unable to find a solution.
Is there anyone able to help me? even witouth using any cheat and setting the speed to 120% the 60fps obtained are "false" and the game in general is not smooth.
The ntsc version runs perfectly at fluid 60fps, is there a tool or someone able to convert or create a version of the code to be used for the Italian version of the game? I am so desperate that I am even willing to pay.
I didn't want to disturb the forum people with my incompetence so I waited a long time trying to learn to do it myself, but I failed.

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Try the patch attached below.  All I did was rename the patch made here with your crc:

Attached Files
.pnach   5E31EA42.pnach (Size: 176 bytes / Downloads: 527)
Wow it's incredible, it's been a year that I've been trying to find a solution and I haven't think about the easiest way.
I was focused on finding a way to convert the code for the American ntsc version without thinking about trying to look for the French version and renaming it.
Thanks a lot for the help, it worked on the first try! I owe you a huge favor!

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