60fps but still choppy in toa
hi, this's my first post so hopefully i don't come off as sounding like a jackass and also hopefully i've posted in the right place. if not, sorry. I'm play tales of the abyss on playground 1.0.0395, i've got it up to 60fps in most areas, except for some towns and some larger areas. in the world map and occasionally in battles, even though it's running between 58-60 fps, it's choppy or laggy. (whatever you'd call it.) less importantly when battles start, when the screen looks like broken glass, the picture gets distorted with random colors, which is weird cause at one point it worked. i've messed around with the speedhack, advanded, and other menus, but i can't figure it out. I had been using r478 to get past the whole ligar thing, but it's even worse in the world map. I know the game just plain has problems with pcsx2, so if that seems like the issue then let me know and i'll suck it up and deal with it. also i know my cpu and gpu are a bit weak, but if i'm getting 60 fps, it should work. any help would be much appreciated. thanks.

amd athlon 64 x2 5000+ @ 2.7ghz (slightly oc'ed)
2.00 g ram
ati 2400
on vista home basic x64

gsdx 0.1.12 set on dx10 0.1.12
zerospu2 0.4.6
linuzapps iso cdvd 0.7.0

all speed hacks, but ee/iop
cpu: everything checked and limit selected
all gamefixes
advanced: ee and vu - chop/zero and flush to zero and denormals are zero checked

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The x3 EE cycle rate speed hack makes cutscenes and battles choppy. I believe its quite fine with just the x2 EE cycle rate hack, and you shouldnt just use 'all gamefixes', they are very game specific and will most likely break games other then the iones they are meant for. Also try and get the latest beta build from somewhere, there is really nothing wrong with toa on the latest builds.
thanks for the info, so i shouldn't use any fixes or should i experiment? also i thought that r478 was the latest. that one got me past the ligars. its at least the newest one in the playground sticky thread. if i were to get a newer build would i have to compile it myself? thanks a lot, it great to get a reply so quickly. this community is awesome.

x3 EE Cycle Rate Speed Hack makes every game I have choppy, lol.
x2 is normally fine, but there is one game I have that's even still choppy at that. So then I would have to set it to 1.5x.
But with my i7, Default has been working perfectly fine for me and it's smooth enough Tongue2

Edit: No, don't use any of those Game Fixes on a Game that's not listed in there.
Ivy Bridge 3770K @ 3.9GHz - MSI TwinFrozr GTX680 4GB...
Yeah last I checked it was the newwest without building yourself. But since they are up to r520 which you think there would be a new one soon.
Oh sorry i read over the part where you said you used r478, that one should be fine, although it's not the latest

As i said, don't apply the gamefixes as long as you aren't playing any of the game that are listed for that fix.

Personally I'm playing toa just fine on r478, with EE cycle rate x2 and IOP cycle rate x2, and the same options checked in advanced that you have.
made a mistake when i listed my settings. i did have the x3 hack on. turned it off and the enter battle broken glass thing works again. in a cut scene i was only getting 45 fps and it'll probably be worse in towns, but i'll just have to deal until i can afford some better parts. but regardless of idiocy, it's insane to get so many coherent, on topic, and helpful responses within 20 minutes of my posting. thanks a lot you guys are the best.

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