60fps now possible with Shadow of the Collosus
With the latest SVN:

- Enable all speedhacks
- EE cycle rate to 2

The game now should no longer be locked to 25-30fps. If you used to play it on "60fps" back then, it's not actually 60fps visually. PCSX2 only displays it at 60fps when it's actually locked around 25-30fps in game. The old SotC config for PCSX2 can bring it up to 40ish fps, but the new SVNs seem to allow it to run with the settings above and get real 60 frames per second.[/b]
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I call BS. I have ran this game in 60fps and it really was 60 fps. What are you smoking?
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(07-09-2013, 08:21 AM)fade2black001 Wrote: I call BS. I have ran this game in 60fps and it really was 60 fps. What are you smoking?

The "smoker" is the one who is agressive for nothing here. Please chillout kiddo.

@OP : how do you know it's actually 60 Fps ? How did you measure it ?
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Looking over SVN, there aren't any recent changes that would allow for games running below spec to be running 60fps...

OP are you comparing with 1.0.0 directly? Or are you going from memory?
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If there's fps as limit like dolphin, this game will play at 60fps
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Possibly the game is showing lag or just sluggishness due to excess speedhacks (what could come mainly from VU cycle stealing). That assumption due to the OP stating enabling all speedhacks without mentioning levels.

As rule of thumb neither EE cyclerate or VU cycle stealing should be used at the extreme unless in absolute despair since they might make the game's experience weirder than a slight raw low FPS. Having both at 2 could make things better overall, one could try having them yet less aggressive and testing.
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I always found my framerate with SotC was held back from ever hitting 60 without VU Cycle Stealing. Absolutely nothing else would make it budge beyond the low 50s.

I honestly haven't tried this one on anything recent, but even running with the FPS at 60 wasn't all there was too it. As I understand, the game just had it's own unique way of adjusting to the varying framerates on the native system, so running it at 60fps on PCSX2 isn't a 60fps like other games.
(07-09-2013, 11:04 AM)billyash Wrote: If there's fps as limit like dolphin, this game will play at 60fps
Yea and you can either play it in a crackled broken garbage audio at 60 fps or using LLE audio in 40 fps. Plus your dolphin will probably crash randomly sometimes.
Dolphin can't even run 30 fps games perfectly.
I rarely have audio issues, and in the one game I do (Mario party 7) I run at 60fps. Also Dolphin never crashes for me.
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this forum is not about dolphin..

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