60fps request for PS1 game
May not be the best place to ask.. But worst case i get a no or wrong forum.

Would anyone be willing to make a "NTSC conversion patch" (60fps patch) for Digimon World 2003?

The NTSC version of the game (Digimon World 3) has less content; But the Pal version (Digimon World 2003) runs at 50fps...

I was hoping one of the many geniuses here could find a way to patch in 60fps without speeding up the music, animations, that sort of thing.

I know the game runs in such a way that when in battle the PS1 slows to a CRAWL, and overcloking the virtual CPU fixes that.. So i THINK that that needs to be changed is the music playback speed, and the frame rate..

I know easier said then done.

I didn't want to put it in the 60fps patch thread cause.. well this is a PS1 game after all
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