64-bit operating system question
Usually every night I drink a few beers and pop in Parappa 2, jamming with this fine emulator. Now, I've just recently upgraded to 64x and I'm witnessing major drawback.

I've heard that this emulator isn't really supported by the 64x platform. Can I get a conformation on this? And also, do you guys know of anyway to get things up to par. I hope some of you know of some tricks to get the emulator to run smoother in 64x. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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PCSX2 is 32-bit. I'm also running a 64-bit system and I haven't experience any problems running PCSX2. No performance problems either.
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You shouldn't be running into any problems with 64-bit compared to 32-bit. Are you sure you configured everything the way you had before? Tried the latest public beta (r1888)?
Hmm, that is quite interesting. See I've done a backup with the settings. Basically reinstalled and used only my memcard files. I still get skipping in audio, and a bit of slowdown in certain levels. I'm sure I have every setting close to the same it was in my 32x-XP. I am running the beta. But, the 9.6 runs even slower. It's just discouraging since XP ran it flawlessly. And now Vista is struggling with it. I updated my nvidia drivers to the latest, Direct X to the latest. The only thing I haven't updated is my sound card, since creative doesn't have 64x drivers for my particular soundcard. I wonder if that could be the problem.

I got a slight performance boost when I set it for booting in XP via properties. I'm just trying to find a few more ways I can stabilize the application.
Is your video card DX10 capable? If it is, then you should use DX10 Hardware mode for GSdx plugin; it should give you a noticeable improvement in performance.
You upgraded to Vista? Why?

Tried using onboard sound? Sounds (eheh) like Creative might be the issue. Lots of people use 64bit and have no issues (myself included), so it's very unlikely to be that per se.

ETA: You got the Vista service packs too right?
Might not help, but I am running 64 bit windows 7 and I run things fine. I was running 64 bit on vista for awhile and things ran fine, so I dunno about that.

And while my card is DirectX10 compatible, I have never actually gotten a speed boost using Directx10, it always runs better for me in DirectX9...but that might just be me
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@Retrograde: If you're using DX9 GSdx on Vista, that might be the problem. I remember I tried to use DX9 GSdx on Vista and things slowed down a lot. Also your system might be getting bottlenecked by Vista x64. It's very recommended to have 3GB RAM or more to use Vista x64, due to wow64 among other stuff.

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