64 bit version?
Will there ever be a 64-bit windoze build of the emulator?

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There was a 64-bit build before but it was actually slower and keeping both the x86 and x64 was a problem for the devs so it was stopped for the better development of the x86 part as it was not worth it really, but who knows maybe later on someone can actually make it work better and easier to maintain Tongue
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(08-20-2009, 08:54 PM)starblaz692003 Wrote: Will there ever be a 64-bit windoze build of the emulator?

Yes. If left up to me, there will be a 64 bit version of PCSX2 eventually, but not before the current 32 bit source tree is good and stable. That's because I'd like to largely discontinue support for x86/32 when going into x64 because it'll just be that much simpler to manage. And people using legacy 32 bit hardware would, for the most part, be stuck using the not-updated-anymore 32 bit build. But even that might not be entirely necessary; we'll have to see how things play out in the future.

Specifically some of the work I am doing on new recompilers very well could make it more plausible to implement a 64 bit version of PCSX2 without having to effectively double our development workload (which is what happened with the first x64 recompilers zerofrog made for pcsx2). But there's still months of work for me to do before I get anywhere near even considering x64 again. So don't hold your breath.
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It would of been nice if Microsoft would of just not made Windows 7 32-bit though. There's not much point for it except for netbooks that have trouble running it anyways. Thus software would more quickly make the leap as generally when given the choice it sticks with what they are doing. Though with 32-bit program support on the 64-bit operating systems you'd still have people programming new stuff in 32-bit but I think it would be less common. But that's a whole nother argument.

However like Jake says it's best when working with small teams or even large teams to not have multiple branches of code. It causes complications with some things in one breaking another and progress on one not necessarily meaning progress on the other. It's just complicated and unneeded hassle.
(08-21-2009, 12:14 AM)dralor Wrote: It would of been nice if Microsoft would of just not made Windows 7 32-bit though.

very little of my important-for-networking hardware works on 64bit installs. I'm VERY happy win7 being x64-only was just a rumor
just pray for a smart compiler which able to convert 32bit code + 32bit asm to 64bit counterpart
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