64bit program and plugins?
Hey where can I find the 64bit versions of the program and the plugins?
The SVN page doesn't show them.

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there is absolutely no pcsx2 64bit build.
but i think GSdx is a 64bit-ready plug-in im not sure if the admin confirm/correcting my post.
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I beleive the official word i heard from one of the developers is that a large portion of the PCSX2 code isnt even remotely compatible with x64 instructions

The time spent developing for 64bit for the minor advantages it may give is nothing compared to refining the emulation and/or developing new speedhacks
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All plugins should be 64bit ready, maybe with minor modifications.
PCSX2 itself is decidedly 32bits. All the recompilers and hand coded bits, all our clever memory lookups are written for x86.
Replacing that with 64bit ready code would mean a lot of work, potential for new and ugly bugs and unless we can
come up with new tricks, it'd be slow (very).
Way off topic: I liked slowly~~~ Wink

Cant resist xD
so it will be slower unless you guys did some tricks like what Cotton did with MTVU

but what about compatibility

i think rewriting PCSX2 will result with looking out for Bugs the team didn't see when they coded it Smile
We'll likely just make new mistakes.
Swapping bits around by hand in recompiler optimization efforts has a tendency to be buggy Tongue2
tallbender Wrote:there is absolutely no pcsx2 64bit build.
Am I only the one that remembers 64bit 0.9.4? It still lives on sf.net but it doesn't compile in VS10.

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