7 Blades(PAL)-Need some help confirming a freeze
I seem to have encountered a problem while playing through 7 Blades. If I let a certain cutscene play it results in a black screen whereas if I skip it the game loads into the next fight properly. I want to confirm whether this is a problem with my copy of the game or if it has something to do with the emulator.

.7z   7blades.7z (Size: 79,51 KB / Downloads: 242)

It happens right after you defeat the thunder and wind lords and the ensuing cutscene ends. To be more specific, when this cutscene ends

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Here is the log of the game from the autosave linked in the first post to the point where the game freezes.

.txt   log.txt (Size: 9,26 KB / Downloads: 230)
Do you have EE timing hack enabled?
Only used MTVU but tried it with all hacks turned off too.

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