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8bit textures what are they for
im here askin the setting on gsdx 8bit textures what do they do and what games benefits for setting it on tnx

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if your wonderin what im talkin about i a friend o mine compiled me a gsdx rev.1475 and it has a new settings for 8bit textures so im askin if anyone here knows what it is for !!!!!!!!
If I'm not mistaken, this is an option to offload palletized texture lookups to the graphics card — via pixel shader. It might give you better performance in texture-heavy games.
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tnx i read in google code just that odin sphere needs this on to play on fullspeed so are there any other games that need this on to get better performance without breaking something
Is this is how it supposed to work or there is some problem.On every game when I try this option I see texture problems
Generally games which are using 99% cpu with gsdx can be improved by enabling the 8bit textures. This isnt guarenteed but its worth trying if your game is slow.
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in final fantasy xii ntsc/u i get lower fps with this on anybody else tried it on other games
i can say that for XenoSaga ep 1 it doesn't help it's slower but that on my ati 2600.
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It generally requires a new powerful graphics card to make good use of it. But unless your game is using 99% CPU in the gsdx window, its unlikely to make much of a difference.
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so its basically useless to me then tnx

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