8bitdo and ps1 controller not registering
Hi all

Last night I installed pcxs2 and games look and sound amazing. I have an 8bitdo controller, connected by USB cable, that works on retroarch perfectly. But in pcxs2, it shows on the list on controllers in the config section but under test, nearly all 0s show up with tiny increases when I press a button. Nothing works in the game either. 

Would anyone be able to suggest how, if possible, I can make it work?

I have an old USB to ps1 hub, with ps1 controller attached but that didn't even register on Windows 10.

If 8bitdo is not compatible, would a wireless xbox 360 pad via Bluetooth dongle? Or does it need to be wired? Lots of listings for a cable to add to the wireless controller say not compatible with pc.

Thanks for all your help in advance on this. New all this but excited to have it working.

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