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9,7, Windows 7/GS Problem I think (Game lags)
I had no problems running/installing from the default files after I set all the appropriate info for first time in config running as admin. Dunno...try again? Make sure you save all your settings on the first run and its admin on the first go around. I haven't run as admin since.

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Think this way, you need to run as The administrator... something is already wrong.

PS: Sometimes, to install, admin privileges are needed. That's the case the game need to install something at the System folders or whatever, that is normal. Having to run as The administrator otherwise is bad, it's the first signal things are wrong.
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(10-14-2010, 07:02 PM)Saiki Wrote: An option is to disable UAC or lower its securities, another is to make sure it's run in admin 100% of the time (which doesn't always work)
funny how everyone ignored that one..

this is how my PC is set up.

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