9.7 crashes often...
so here i am playing dragonballz budokai 3 and well during the fight.. pcsx2 not working and i need to close the program.

i have this very often not only in dbz but also in other games.

the emu only crashes much on the newest beta of 9.7 (38xx something)
and i thought i download the 31xx rev again but allas it has been deleted from the download section, any idea where i can get that version of 9.7 again?

thanks in advance Smile

for the people wondering what pcsx2 settings, they are all on default exept the following

hw mode dx11
3x resolution
no aa enabled


2x ee
1x vu
and the recommended speedhacks below that

the rest is left at default

system specs:

i5 [email protected]
4gb ram
ati 5770 1gb
windows 7 ultimate 64

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Maybe you should disable all speed hacks. Your PC should be able to run it great without them anyway.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
true i have disabled the hacks, i just have these settings for ages and it never whent wrong with older devisions, but ok nbew revision may lead to new faults. try playing it again. i thought maybe because i have 3x resolution that it may be my gpu being not sufficient enough for the res i play at... dunno try to set it at default settings then i know for sure it isnt my gpu.

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