99% CPU Usage? With a quadcore and HD4870?
Hey all. I just recently got into the scene and need a bit of help. When I first played FFX my CPU usage was between 7 and 35%. Now FFX and all other games are 99% CPU usage. Any idea why? Here's my setup:

Vista 64bit Ultimate
i5 750 Quad core
Radeon HD 4870 1024mb
4gb DDR3 Dual Channel RAM.

I don't get it, I mean I've heard that having a quadcore doesn't help, but this is awful. My setup should be just fine. 25 fps in Fight Night 3? Gradius V is slow? The worst part is that in the beginning, FFX was AMAZING, it still runs well, but I don't like being at 99% for hours on end. Did I change a setting by mistake? Anyone have an optimal setting for Fight Night 3 so I can see if it can run better? Thanks.

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Where do you see this 99%? is it from the pcsx2/gsdx window? what settings?
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You likely have vsync enabled, which makes GSdx report 99% cpu usage.
Wow. Yup, it was the Vsync. Thanks rama. Now the frame rate is 51 instead of 25, and the CPU % is between 20 and 80%. Is that more the way it should be, or is there another "idiot" setting for me like the Vsync one?

Shadow Lady, yeah it was in the window.
pcsx2 should get a 55~60FPS around 3.6~3.8Ghz on your CPU clock, especially when you have an i5; it makes more sense when you overclock it since you paid a lot on it.

Quadcore doesn't help? says who? The biggest difference between a duocore and a quadcore is "quadcore does help", why? since pcsx2 only supports 2 cores (or threads), it also makes more sence when you have an i5 to provide a 100% working 2 cores for pcsx2 than a duocore running pcsx2 and other programs at the same time.

I have a quadcore, and it gives me 60FPS at 3.9Ghz.
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