A Few Different Problems
I've been having a few different issues with Pcsx2, any help resolving them is greatly appreciated.

First off these are my pc specs -
Intel core i7-4770k
Nvidia GTX 650
16 Gb RAM
Windows 7

The only game I've been playing with pcsx2 is Flatout 2. There are 3 different problems I've been having -

1. Hardware Rendering causes bad graphics problems -
When using hardware rendering, any objects in the game that are interact able (this excludes backgrounds, text, minimaps, HUDs, and menus, and includes things like cars, the ground and walls) aren't or are only slightly visible. Using software rendering fixes this but I'd rather be using hardware.

2. At the beginning of races when all of the cars are near eachother there is an fps drop to about 40 and the game and music get laggy. This is resolved after a few seconds of racing once the cars get spread out but can occur in the middle of races as well.

3. Whenever the game saves, the music jumps back a second and repeats itself 3 or 4 times. "I want to be a fish in the sea" becomes "I want to- want to be a fish- be a fish in the sea- in the sea"

I'll attach a screenshot of my settings as well as the hardware rendering problem. The in game image on the left is with hardware rendering, to the right of it is with software rendering. Again, I appreciate any help.

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Try with not renderer threads,okey,If you want better resolution grafichs used a custom resolution in hardware mode,other alternative is create a Iso,its better than used the own ps2 disk.
1. Try playing with the skipdraw hw hack in gsdx, see if you can remove the lighting.
2. This is due to the amount of processing involved, you could turn on the MTVU speedhack, this should improve things greatly.
3. Make sure you are using spu2-x spu2 plugin and have time stretch enabled.
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Flat out 2 its a very agressive game against the cpu/gpu.
(01-10-2014, 01:00 AM)DESTRUIDOR Wrote: Extra renderin can causes glitchs in the games,

? ive never heard of or seen that happen.
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(01-10-2014, 01:03 AM)refraction Wrote: ? ive never heard of or seen that happen.

Yes,i have this problem with the own Flat out 2,i think its relacioned with my hardware-I5 3330-AMD Radeon HD 6850-8GB Ram-4 TR HD.
But i give up, Actualyti I only played the Pc version of the game(i have).
so an emulator option causes problems but you don't know because you've only played the PC version? Huh
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An,master developer,i also have flat out ps2 disk,but,i had never sucess(gltiches and slow fps),anyway my commentary is outdated(my tests with ps2 flat out are based in on the begin of 2012 with a obsolet pcsx2 version and a obsolet hardware(i had one clock of 2.8 ghz AMD sempron in the firsts months of 2012 i think,and only 4 ram,and a other video card,*another pc)
I am using an iso.
If I'm right, extra threads only apply when using software rendering and that's not when I have the graphics problem, its only when I use hardware rendering.
Skipdraw has no affect, I tried it at 1, 10, 50, and 100.
I already had MTVU on.
I was using the spu2-x spu2 plugin, and TimeStretch is already enabled.
Looks like your only option is software mode.
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