A Query From a Newbie
I have my original thread on the off topic section but i think i putted it in the wrong section that is why i am posting it again here in the General Discussion. [Sorry for that Sad( I am a newbie on this forum]

Here it is :

First of all hello to PCSX2 community! Laugh
I am a total noob on this kind of things[emulations] so if ever i am a bit irritating kindly please do not hate or ignore my questions.

Before anything else, here are some fixes i tried on my computer [Which i dont know if its already old/ancient/archaic or whatsoever] but didnt work.

1. Updated Windows XP to sp3[latest].
2. Updated DirextX.[latest]
3. Installed this DirectX10 for windows xp i found on the internet.
4. Bring my computer to a near shop and let them clean it.
5. I tried the PRESET mode from 1 to 6.

Major Questions :[FFX related]
1. My PCSX2 FPS ranges from 120-200 from the beginning then suddenly it drops to 25-32 fps when the sound started playing.

2. I dont know if my specs can support PCSX2 games[especially FFX] so i would like to know if it can.

3. If my hardware/software are crappy is there any way for me to improve my FPS? So that i can play FFX better?

4. I saw a SONY VAIO laptop and it has WIndows Ultimate and i7 intel core. I am planning to buy it this coming april or may. But will it run PCSX2 games smoothly? Or i should be more picky? If yes then what laptop specs can you recommend me?

All of your help, opinions , criticisms and whatsoever are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for those people who will take time viewing this thread and helping me.

I would be willing to follow each of your instructions as long as it will make my gaming better.

I have made some screenies so that experts will help me easily.
Here are the screenies :

>>>>Sorry if i inputted so many screenies [including the junkies]. I just dont know where is the real specs of my computer can be found Sad

1.)I started PCSX2
[Image: 2whgtb8.jpg]
2.) I load the plugins.And i got this errors.[Dont know why i got them xD]
[Image: keazi0.jpg]

>>> At first the fps is at 120-200 then it drops to 25-32<<<<
[Image: in9vzq.jpg]

[Image: qqdglv.jpg]
[Image: sbopqc.jpg]
[Image: y1b1g.jpg]
[Image: w96znt.jpg]

THE SPECS[Via Device Manager]
[Image: i43gya.jpg]
[Image: 1492f0j.jpg]
[Image: hsjszr.jpg]
[Image: 14nftd0.jpg]

[Image: bi2zvn.jpg]

[Image: 2sa13x1.jpg]

Thank in advance for all the help! ^_^

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Quote:Score:0.5 out of 4

Minumum Req. :Near-PASS
C2D or AMD x2~ at 3.0 Ghz and gddr2 equivalent Video card(Except 64-bit bandwidth video card)
Recommended Req. :FAILED
For i5 or i7 at 3.2Ghz(Except P4,PDC,C2D,C2Q,i3),For AMD x2~ at 4.0Ghz and gddr5 equivalent video card
Maximum Req. :FAILED
i7 Extreme series unlocked by 5Ghz and gddr5~ Super-OC edition video card or Nvidia GTX-Ti Super-OC edition and excess of 256-bit bandwidth
Priority Req. :UNKNOWN
*If your desktop/laptop's has a C2D,Core-i BUT it's video card is a Intel-GMA,Gxx express chipset,Sandy Bridge's intergrated video card or other built-ined
VGA that takes priority of a failure system requirement.
**If your desktop/laptop's video card is gddr2,gddr3,gddr5 or other best video card BUT it's CPU is a Dual/quad-core less than 2.66Ghz, a
Pentium 3,4 or AMD without X,athlon 64,Turion,Celpron,486,586,Intel-Atom,Intel-Centrino,Intel-Celeron,Intel-Core-Solo,ALL types of Netbook or other single-core
CPU that takes priority of a failure system requirement..

that rig is almost passing the minimun requirement thats why your game is stay at 20s FPS range and there is no chance to cure it even though your already try 1~6 presets.
in addition what is your video card?(dxdiag--->Display)

if your planning for a new laptop better be smart ,chosing a strong laptop is very tricky lemme know what specs of your new laptop to buy.
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Its NVIDIA GEFORCE 5500. You can see the picture above sir.

Also, the laptop i wanted to buy have a specs of i7 and windows ultimate.

What Laptop Specs would you recommend to me sir? If possible please do not recommend me a laptop which cost around $800 - $1000. By the way, thanks for your immediate reply!
no laptop will be able to run all games smoothly under pcsx2, it's far too demanding when it comes to emulating some games (GT4, for instance)
Better buy a desktop with the best I7 you can find and a midrange GPU.
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
And if it has to be a laptop, an okay one would cost at least $500 to $700.
It is not neccessary to get an i7 laptop, which usually costs $900 and up. An i5 is fine ($700 - $800). My shoolmate just got a Vostro with a Core i3 2330M @ 2.3 Ghz and a Radeon 6630M two days ago for $800. That should be enough for most less demanding games (including Final Fantasy X). If you do not have sufficient fund, you can consider other brand such as Acer Aspire or Asus equivalent, which is far cheaper with the same specs.
I see. Thank you guys because its clear to me now that i cannot play FFX with my computer specs right now.

Anyways, As i have said, i will bought a laptop this coming april or may [5 months to go since i am just a working student(part-time)]

So before that day comes, I would like to ask if which is the best laptop brand that you can recommend to me?

Is there any brand of laptops that can compete with SONY's specs? where i can play PCSX2 games smoothly? I want to know if there is a brand of laptop which cost cheaper but with nice specs.

Regarding the Desktop Computer, Im afraid i cannot buy one right now since as of now, i am saving my money so that i can buy my own laptop. Which i really need both for gaming/school and part time job purposes.

But just in case, how much will i spend when i will go buy a nice spec desktop computer? Any idea?
2012 April is when Intel Ivy Bridge will come out. If you're living in the US or similar, chance is that you can get a laptop with Ivy Bridge CPU.

Laptop brand doesn't matter. You only need to concern about its specs, especially CPU and GPU. Luxury brands usually come with some additional features such as fingerprint or face recognization, which are designed for the noobs who don't know what to do with their money. Apple laptops look nice but are overprice (if it were me I'll get an Alienware instead).

Asus K series and Acer Aspire series are cheap, but their cases are inferior and looks ugly. Dell Inspiron and HP Compaq are good alternatives, but they are a little more expensive. It depends on your preference.

Personally, if my budget is around $600, I'll get a laptop because there is minor performance difference between a $600 laptop and desktop. But if you have $700 or more, the performance is a huge difference.
That is so wrong and blatant lie.

A desktop for 400 will always be much faster than a laptop for 400, its like that across the board.
An example would be GTX560M for laptops is weaker than the GTX460 768mb for desktops.
Another example would be i5 vs i5, core for core the laptop is weaker hands down.
All across the board a laptop is always worse, in some cases its an extreme diffrence, and the more money you spend on either the bigger
this diffrence is. Meaning if you spend 300 vs 300 the desktop will be alot faster, if you spend 1000 vs 1000 the desktop is so much faster
its just not funny anymore. Laptops are the LAST thing you should get for Any gaming or emulation.

Bottom line is you can build a desktop for 500$ thats much stronger than a laptop for 1000$.
Well. Last year the chief executor bought me a desktop:
  • Intel Core i3 530 @ 2.93 Ghz
  • Intel DH55PJ motherboard
  • Dell 17 inch monitor (not remember exactly the model)
  • No graphics card
And it cost $550 at that time. And at that time, with $550, I could purchase a HP Compaq with an i3 350M @ 2.26 Ghz, 2 GB of RAM, and an entry level graphics card such as HD 5470. Is there much difference between the two?

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