A Question About Silent Hill Bug

You know shadows and flashlight look weird in Silent Hill Origins and Shattered Memories. Is that bug something that can be fixed? I know they look okay with software renderer but then I can't use scaling and game looks bad. I've finished all Silent Hill games except these two. So I just wonder if this can be fixed, I'll wait if so Smile

Thank you.
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I have the exact same problem, the only way I found that made the game look "playable" was in software mode, and I think the same way you do: it isn't worth it. It's my favourite saga, and I won't spoil one of the last games (whether I end up liking it or not) by playing it in such a bad resolution and, to make it worse, slower than in hardware mode.

I read somewhere that the game worked better in Windows Vista and Windows 7 than in XP. I have XP and I'm thinking about getting one of those Windows, installing it in a new partition of my hard drive, and trying it there. I read it had something to do with the Directx version, the newest in XP is 9, and in the others there's 10 and 11. So, I think I'll try that.
I'm not sure if I belive the guy that said the game will work, but I put my hopes in it.

Still, if anybody has a way to make it work without the flashlight bug in hardware mode, I welcome them to give me a hand.
It will require a huge rewrite of GSdx, where the problem lies. No one is up to the task at this moment both due to the large amount of work needed and because they don't have much DirectX coding experience (except from pesudonym from what I know)
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And the effects in Silent Hill games mix lots of problematic things.
I don't think it'll look right even after rewriting. Not without that
output merger thingy pseudo wants Tongue2

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