A Question: Are you developing any version of pcsx2 that works in 64 bits???
Hi all pcsx2 team.. sorry if my english is not perfect... but i'll try to ask you something properly... i know that pcsx2 is an excellent emulator, but it works properly only in intel processors (using the technology of SSE4.1 and things like that). So i wanted to know if you are working in a 64bits's version, not only because i have an AMD processor (AMD phenom x4 9650), because i have a lot of friends that preffer AMD because their processors are less expensive than intel, and their have like the same qualities than intel. But the emulator works properly only with SSE4.1, and AMD counts with SSE3 :/. Is not a critic, because your emulator is great!, but if you have a plugin for 64 bits or something that make the emulator work better with AMD, plx let me know Smile...
i wait for your answers... and thx ;D

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It's not (only) SSE4 that makes the intels so much faster. The whole chip design of core2 / core i7 is just better.
We cannot "fix" a mediocre cpu design Tongue2

And no, there is no 64bit version of pcsx2 planned. Main reasons are:
a) Likely lower performance than the x86 version (some of our performance opts only work by assuming 32bit, bigger opcode footprints, etc)
b) Lots of work for us to rewrite all the recompilers to 64bits (just patching them up won't work, it'll be SLOW and buggy)
c) With a) and b) combined, why bother? Tongue2
64bit would work both on AMD or Intel either way so it's not to make AMD better (you'd be complaining of it working better on intel anyway Tongue), SSE4 and SSSE3 plugins dont really add that much as only some games/scenes get an use of it and even then it may not be as much as you expect (I use the SSSE3 plugin and almost none of my games benefit from it against SSE2).

Phenom I wasnt that good of a chip, Phenom II however is pretty comparable to Intel's Core 2 chips for PCSX2 performance so you cant really complain about AMD being slower if you're using the old Phenom or Athlon X2 processors (just like a person using an Intel Pentium D would get much lower speeds compared to your Phenom).

Also if you're running your processor at it's stock speeds that's really not good for much things really... you might as well look into overclock to get better speeds in general. (a core 2 quad at those speeds isnt that good for pcsx2 either if you want to compare)
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So the processor is not the problem??? ok i got it. So with a AMD processor and a good videocard i can run games at 60fps?? i only had seen videos of games in 60fps with pcsx2 but with Intel processors. So i thought that the problem was in my processor but maybe only i need a good videocard. Second question: the difference betweeen the graphic plugin working with SSE3 and the plugin working with SSE4.1 is notable or not?
(thanks for anwer my other question Wink)
Again SSSE3 and SSE4 plugins dont make a difference all the time, only some games and some scenes and it's not that noticeable. And yes with a good processor (either AMD or Intel but they gotta be good running at good speeds Tongue) and good graphics card you can run games full speed you can check the screenshots/videos thread if you want.
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OK thank a lot for answer my questions. Now only i have to make money and buy a better videocard Laugh
thx a lot
(10-21-2009, 01:18 AM)rama Wrote: It's not (only) SSE4 that makes the intels so much faster. The whole chip design of core2 / core i7 is just better.
We cannot "fix" a mediocre cpu design Tongue2

Well this may apply to old Athlon and Phenom I CPUs, however the Athlon II and Phenom II are very competitive, my Athlon II does great in PCSX2 Smile


Phenom I processors are rather bad, low performance per clock, generally low clocked etc. In addition PCSX2 doesn't use more than 2 cores. I recommend an upgrade to a high clocked Athlon II or Phenom II, for PCSX2. 64-Bit will not help that much.
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