A Question about Pcsx2 0.9.8 and codebreaker
How do I get Pcsx2 0.9.8 amd Codebreaker 10 to work together? I have seen the video's but when I get to hit X to start the game it sorta hangs there and won't load the game. However I can load savestate and that works but then the code's don't seem to work.

Is there a plugin like PEC for ps1 emulators? PEC=Playstation Emulation Cheater or something and its a plugin run gameshark like thing.

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I would use patching instead of the codebreaker ISO.

In any case, load up code breaker and select all the cheats you want to load up.
Press start to go back to the main menu.
Hit the disk icon on the codebreaker main menu.

Hit ESC. You should be back at your PCSX2 main menu.
On your menu, go to CDVD --> ISo Selector --> and select the game you want to cheat at.
Then do system --> restore. This should bring back the codebreaker screen.
Hit X. Your game should load with the cheats on.

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