A Question of Region Codes
Hello. I only found out about this project recently, and so far, I'm very impressed. :3 There's just a question I'd like to ask before I consider using it.

I live in Australia, and as such, I have a PAL PS2. I'm mainly considering this because, due to region codes, there are many games that were not released with a PAL format that my PS2 can't play, and that I... well, really want to play. xD

I was wondering if the PSCX2 could play PAL region games at all? Or if having PAL region games and whatnot will effect anything. (In particular, if it will affect trying to later play games that aren't PAL.)

Sorry if it's a really stupid/obvious question, or if it's already been asked and I missed it. >>;;

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pcsx2 can play all region games as far as I know.
PCSX2 plays all regions. Remember that you have to own a game to legally play it Wink
Ah, that's brilliant! <3 Well, that settles it then! Thank you for your speedy answers, everyone. ^__^

Quote:PCSX2 plays all regions. Remember that you have to own a game to legally play it Wink

Haha, yes of course! xD I'd just buy the non-PAL games online, from overseas. :3 I've been meaning to for ages but with no means to play them, I didn't bother.
... So as you can imagine, I'm thrilled! xD

Thank you! x333
Wacko i hope future console region free............. Rolleyes
(04-25-2009, 02:27 PM)serious96 Wrote: Wacko i hope future console region free............. Rolleyes

PSP is region free (games anyway) I haven't been able to try the PS3 yet though
PCSX2 can play All Region Games.
Ignore this post, I was completely wrong.
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so why we can't play japan game version with our usa ps2... Ohmy
(04-25-2009, 04:32 PM)KrazyTrumpeter05 Wrote: You can play any format PS2 games on any PS2, the region thing (PAL or NTSC) is only a display format difference. You can play a PAL game on an NTSC format TV, but you will feel like there is a lot of stuttering and stuff going on.

Remember, display format (PAL/NTSC) is NOT DVD region code.

No you can't,the PlayStation 2(not pcsx2)can play only games from the region of the PS2.You can play every region PS2 game on any PS2 if you have Swap Magic,Modchip,FMCB+ESR,Cogswap,Memour32....

With PS2 without any of those:
PAL PS2 - only PAL PS2 games
NTSC(usa) PS2 - only NTSC(usa) PS2 games
NTSC-J PS2 - only NTSC-J PS2 games

I don't know if this applies to games on hdd or usb.

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