A Small problem
Hello I appreciate what the Pcsx2 staff is doing It sucks my first post has to be a help topic but it can't be helped I have a small problem every time I try to load a game I get a error message
Im using windows Xp and the plugins I'm using are:

Pcsx2 0.9.6
Graphics ZeroGS 0.97.1
sound SPU2-X 1.1.0
CDROM: P.E.Op.5 CDVD 1.5.0 (cue/Bin mounted with daemon tools)

The message I get is this
[Image: error.jpg]
Any help appreciated thanks in advanceSmile

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That looks a lot like Windows 7 to me...>_>
What game are you trying to run?
Also, try using linuz iso plugin instead of mounting the game with Daemon Tools. Even though it says iso, it will also read bin files.
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lol no it's xp I just used a windowblinds theme thx for the help I will try when I get the chance.

Edit: Im trying to play dragonball z tenkaichi 3 when I use the linuz iso plugin It just plays the bios and nothing
happens I have the real tenkaichi 3 disk it plays that but it won't load the Bin.
Try another CD/DVD plugin. Don't mount an iso, use Linuz Iso to play.
It worked I used Linuz Iso it was a error on my part when I was making the iso the program saved it as a normal FILE so I just renamed it with .iso and it worked with Linuz Iso but thanks for the help anyway. Laugh

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