A Thanks and something else....
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Second: I know your read me claims you need a "good" pc to use this program.
Yes this might appear a gloat but bear with me you'll understand.

My pc is well, poo: 2.4 Quad core with a 9800 GT GFX Card. This pc is knocking on 6 years old now Smile I can play BF3 with this pile of crap with 30-40 fps Smile ( many low settings one or two median settings )

And well... it works.. not only does it work but its stable at 60 fps on FFX
Now I'm gonna be adding little things along the way to make it look better and push my card and my CPU to the limit!



If you would like I could edit this post with the settings I've used to get this running Smile

NOTE: I will test other games to see what else I can play on the stock settings ( I've changed like 3 things may be if that ? )


EDIT: Can you change the thumbs down to a thumbs up please mods? I clicked the wrong thumb in excitement !

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few of things.

First, you're welcome ;p
Second, please don't try and circumvent the swear filter, it is there for a reason.
Third, Im glad you got FFX working at a decent speed, however it isn't a very demanding game and the MTVU speedhack is probably a godsend for you Tongue Plus im presuming that is a Q6600, which wasnt a bad chip really. That said, you will probably have difficulty running games such as Tekken 5 or Metal Gear Solid 3 at full speed on that xD That is why we recommend faster computers.

Again, very happy your game you want to play works well Smile
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Firstly I've very very sorry about the word I used! I'll edit the last post and cut it out. Please accept my apologizes for my ignorance!

Second: THANK YOU Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh !

Third Yes its a q6600 Laugh
I used to have the Q6600 so i know its not too bad Smile Overclocks happily to 3Ghz too Tongue (i think i did run it at 3.2Ghz for a while also), however when i had it, i didn't have the MTVU hack, it just didn't exist, so im guessing it helps quite a bit these days Smile
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I can't overclock it Sad Smell aka Dell locked the bios up tighter than a nuns.... well you know lol.
I wish I could over clock it you know tho, because even with the original thermal paste its still 19-25c with the stock cooling Smile

EDIT: if you mean the multi core thing, then yes its a complete godsend since this would have been bottle necking the GFX card like crazy... imagine this with WoW who for what ever reason only uses the one core...
Thats a pretty nice temp, what about under load though?

I guess you could get a new motherboard that allows overclocking, if you can still find a 775 socket board, they are a bit rare these days Tongue Not sure what else is "custom" in the dell's these days though, if they are anything like Lenovo's you may have to break up the front buttons and lights and order the wires correctly for the new board Tongue
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Playing the EMU it was around 30-36c but my room is very warm since its I like it 200c..... <-- skinny lad who bums his pc a little too much and living in the cold part of West Yorkshire well you get the idea XD
I could, but I'm aiming for a job to get something beasty like a I7 with liquid cooling. Some future proof really like what I've got here since when I bought this machine it was a 1000 bricks ( pounds in other peoples words ).

Still, I won't get a dell or a PuKworld one again... dim so and so's gave me a 8800 GT with a 350 Wat PSU and locked the fan at 25%... one year and two months later.... 90c card and just outta warrenty the GFX card died.
Been the sorta person I was, I ripped the heat sink out to find where the line in on the card was burnt black. Even rubbing it with my finger and spit, I couldn't remove the scorch marks from the connect pins ( I'm unsure what they're called but I'm sure you'll know what I mean Smile )
I also found in the power management place in vista that they'd locked the CPU to 50% as well... Saving power and money but charging you top end doller I think was PuKworlds statement of the year.

And your perfectly right about the lights and buttons problem, I did a little research into this, the problem is I'd have to get a new case as well since the Dell ones are made like the old 1990's Time pc's.
You can't upgrade them, in the case of Time PC's, they'd glue the chips in...... sounds like a MAC tbh Tongue

EDIT: My puk is a xps420 with the xpi or something display thing on the top.... great if your pc is dead since you can still play solitaire on the 2" screen XD
OMG this is the beggining of the end. It's happening again..
hmm yeh, just build yourself a new computer from bits i think xD

and i know what yorkshire is like, i used to live up there Tongue Generally bloody freezing in winter, lucky if it doesnt snow!
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Please once again accept my thanks and many cuddles man to you and your team!
You've made this lad happy Laugh

Yeah I'm gonna although I was frighten off when I looked on a PC building website. 40 cases, 8 chips, 20 GFX cards, 7 water cooling, 20 HDD's another 20 HDD's for raid and other things, 15 PSU's...

The list went on and on and on...


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