A big Mac section and a small one for Windows and Linux

Windows and Linux have each 1 forum.
Mac (why not Mac OS X ?) has a "folder" with 2 forums.
I think that it could be more logical that Mac OS X has also just 1 forum.

Moreover, it could be useful to have an Other OS forum.
There can be *BSD users interrested in PCSX2.


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Linux shares the bug report forums with the windows version while having its own seperate General support/discussion but it is still part of the official program.

The mac version however (which is only mac OS X as it's for x86 macs) is a project maintained by a seperate person, so we gave that its own section so the author can deal with problems relating to mac and that codebase.

So technically Windows/Linux has 3 forums between them.
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Thanks for the explaination.

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