A bit of help please, This game won't start.
I am using 0.9.6, i keep trying to start the game using my ISO that i made of .Hack//infection but it will not start and i left the game disk at home as i am in the middle of waiting for training in Fort Leonardwood. I have too much time to kill as i wait for my school to pick up and would really enjoy some down time with this game as it is a favorite of mine. Please help me get this up and running. Im sure theres something wrong in the configuration or maybe a plugin.

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Try using a newer PCSX2 release, since 0.9.6 is old and unsupported.

You shouldn't need to mess with settings so much, especially plugins. Just select your ISO under the CDVD menu, and choose the Boot CDVD (fast) option under System.
When i attempt to download the file and install it from the Forum download section the program says that it is damaged, incomplete or malicious and i should contact the author. Know anything to fix that?
Which file? The "installer"?

I just downloaded the file attached to this post, and it works fine. (EDIT: "web installer" and "binary" work as well)

Try downloading it again.
yea i just cant seem to get it working, maybe i should decrease the security level of the computer?

specifically an NSIS error in wich it states " Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download adn damaged media." so maybe the slow internet is cutting out before the download completes.. and yes that same file you were able to download.
Maybe disable your AV app when you download it...

Or, just try it straight from GC.
PCSX2 0.9.8 Full Installer

(08-21-2011, 11:55 PM)OldBalmung Wrote: ... maybe the slow internet is cutting out before the download completes.

There you go. Smile
Yes, well that would be the cause of that problem at least, oh well. thanks for the help.
I was able to get the program and game to work, it was the damned internet connection. I have a new irratant though, the game lags alot. Dot.Hack//Infection, do you know any patches or settings to help it run smoother?ive already tried a combination of limiting the frame rate and using the speed hack to 2 3 and in combination with the vu stealer but it still lags. Also my character stops running and only walks in the down right joystick position, any thoughts on this?
Pc specs please??
Intel E5700 @3.0Ghz,
Xfx Radeon 5670 1Gb,
4Gb DDR3 Ram,
Microsoft Windows7 Ultimate x86
Windows 7 Professional. HP G71 Intelcore2duo cpu 2.20 ghz 4GB Ram. 64bit op

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