A bunch of noob questions
Hi, I have a couple of noob questions.

Some background info: I've barely used the emulator, since I already have a PS2 & TV tuner. But there are a couple of things I'd like to do, which the emu might theoretically be able to help with.

I could probably find most of this by doing research for a few hours/days, but maybe someone can give a couple of quick replies to save me the time. Thanks.

1) I want to convert PS2 savegames to a format PCSX2 can play.

I read about a tool called MyMC here in the archives, but the MyMC website appears to be offline.

2) Memory modifying for cheating purposes

What would be awesome, is a mode, where you can search for a number in memory (like, current health), and refine the search with things like "hasn't changed", etc, until it gives you an address? And then later save and load the table. Also, ability to constantly reset the memory address to a given value (like god mode for amo/life/etc).

3) Tools to help edit save states/games

Similar to 2, but it would be an external tool, where you give it a series of save states (or save games), and then it helps you to find & edit the numbers you're looking for.

4) Capturing a lot of video frames.

I'd like to do something like, make PCSX2 start saving every video frame to disk, in a numbered sequence. A couple of variations on the idea:

4.1) Let the user pause the game, and then advance one frame at a time.

Then, the user can save frames to disk manually at the right moments.

4.2) Let the user enable "save each frame as a png/jpg/etc"

This would probably slow down things a *lot* and use large amounts of disk space, but it might be useful (eg, get ability to use frame sequences for video editing later).

4.3) Let user save video frames as minimally-compressed video.

Theoretically this could go a bit faster than 4.2, especially if the emulator is already keeping track of what parts of the screen changed between frames.

I think that the mpeg2 format may be a good candidate for this kind of mode.

What would be even more awesome, is if there would be a way to include sounds and music. Then you can theoretically get super high def gameplay videos, much better than you can normally get through PS2 -> TV tuner -> PC

5) About video memory dumping...

I've heard that many games load their sprites into a video memory area, prior to on-screen animation. Does the PS2 console have a memory area like this, and is it accessible via PCSX2? I'm thinking of things like making sprite sheets for PS2 games where the file format isn't known.

Thanks in advance for info.

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jesus..what a pain in the ass..the only thing they can maybe make is the memory dumbing..i think the dumbing are somewhere xD this option..i think in some plugin for cd
Everthing I have is totaly legal...and the Bios 2006 version too...I followed the Guide to dump bios through USB

I was gonna post about some of your ideas but it seems you had it all in your head before i even think about it and these ideas isnt noob questions and great post it has more than i was thinking of so hope dev would see and think about this but im afraid that they take no requests they wrote this in the main General Discusson forum page good luck my man and for background info refer to thd Faq it have all the info you would need for configuring your your emulator. peace out
Well, thanks for the replies so far.

@amendment-2222: Why would a cd plugin give you video memory dump ability? O.o

@yeyoo: Yeah, maybe one of the devs will see this thread and comment on it. That would be awesome. I mainly said these are noob questions, because as far as I know there are existing ways of doing some of these.

Too bad the devs don't take suggestions, but I imagine they already have a lot of work.

Maybe if I start using PCSX2 more, I'll see if it's possible to implement some of these myself, or make some kind of guide.

Speaking of guides... Does someone know why the PCSX2 project doesn't have a wiki? ... I imagine that could help a lot for organizing info. Forums are awesome for discussions, but less-so for being an organized reference.

(Looks like someone tried to setup one before, but obviously it wasn't popular).

About MyMC, I managed to find a copy (by checking the google cache version of the site), you can find a few download locations by Googling for "mymc-alpha-2.5.zip". Too bad that I couldn't find the Python source, "mymc-pysrc-2.5.zip" anywhere though. I'm going to see if I can get hold of Ross Ridge, the author.
(08-16-2009, 02:07 PM)wizzardx Wrote: Well, thanks for the replies so far.

@amendment-2222: Why would a cd plugin give you video memory dump ability? O.o

He didnt say video he said memory dump however the Linuz ISO cdvd option is more like creating a mini iso of the part of the game you ran, not exactly what you want.
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wizzardx you are a freaking genius.im not ***** you. you are a genius. your post inspired me. i laughed so hard at your replies omg.

you freaking super maxxed those hozers with complete and epic nerd damage.. if you get what im saying. not trying to offend you.

the insults were so deep.

ooh and, sorry i dont know how to do any of those either. i'm kind of a noob too (playing pcsx2 3 days now)

uhm alright, enough of this :o
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Just wanted to add this:
- You can do most of these things with pcsx2 right now, check the options and guides.
- We do listen to requests, but try to stay reasonable. This is a ps2 emulator, not a Eierlegende Wollmilchsau.

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