A couple of problems I'm having
Alright, take 3, but hopefully I can straighten a few things out. I was told it was o.k. as long as I make it clear that I'm not doing anything illegal here. I'm just trying to fix some freezing issues and possibly make an image of the disc I'm using so that emulating is a bit easier, that's it.

So without further ado,
I have a copy of Raiden III that I bought a few years back and I play it on my PS2 now and then. A couple of days ago I had the idea to try it out on PCSX2 and so I placed the disc into the disc drive, set the disc plugin to read from my disc drive, and fired up the emulator. I was surprised at how well it ran when I first entered a level and started blowing stuff up, but suddenly I start having random points where the game would freeze up for a couple of seconds, then run full speed for a second or two, and then freeze up again.
It'd do this a few times and then return to full speed.
I tried turning off all speedhacks and changed the settings for EE/IOP and VUs to their default values, and then found that the game still runs at full speed, but the freezing sprees still happen.
I have played through several levels several times and the freeze ups are quite random. In fact some levels I have been able to play through without freezing, only to have a lot of it when I play it again. I don't have this problem on my real PS2 but I'd like to emulate this game for as well as it runs.

I haven't tried every possible emulation/plugin setting-based solution yet, so there may be something I'm missing.
I also would like to see if simply making an image will help things work better as well. It worked for XGRA, although I didn't have freezing issues with it.
Unfortunately I am having a problem making an image. I'd normally just use imgburn and have it make an .iso file but once I hit the button for it to stop making an image, the program itself stops working properly upon reading the disc (it's a blue disc if that matters). It does not go beyond reading the disc. After this, I can no longer close any programs (?????). My disc drive will also refuse to open and I must shut down the computer by holding the power button and then restart it to get rid of these issues. I have not tried this with any other discs yet, so I might have to do this to determine if my imgburn issue with this disc is part of a bigger problem.

I'd really appreciate if I could be helped out this time.
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well from the looks of it That's probably a DVD error, your copy is probably full of scratches.

in Regards to freezing Yeah scratched up disc (especially ps2 discs) are very prone to freezing, My SRW impact copy (was too expensive when i imported it) was scratched up badly when i moved houses (It was under the box and well you know) I tried it on, Worked for a few stages then it would just either hang or Stop loading.

I tried to use Imgburn, it's either my Explorer.exe crashes or i get an Error from imgburn.

[Image: 2555882.png]
My copy isn't badly scratched up. There are one or two small scratches but I have discs in comparatively horrible shape that do not have these problems at all, and they don't happen for this game on my PS2 either.
I'm going to try looking for other free disc tools and also try to get an image off of some random disc I can get.

edit: I think my problem still might be the disc anyway. Although it still plays absolutely perfect on my PS2, I tried various versions of PCSX2 (including the old 0.9.6 version) and still get the same result, but also I tried a completely different disc tool in an attempt to get an .iso of my Raiden III disc and the exact same problem happened.

*sigh* ._.
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