A couple of questions?
So I have a couple of questions. I just downloaded PCSX2 last night and got everything up and running, so I'm fairly new to this emulator.

I don't know what settings I need, but I was wondering if Haunting Ground runs in the newest version (1.2.1 I think) of the emulator. If it does, what settings in the graphics plug-in do I need? I tried running it, and the first FMV doesn't run when you first start the game and neither does the first cutscene. I only played as far as the cutscene where Daniella gives you the clothes.

Lastly, how do I change the size of the window that the game first comes up and plays in? It periodically changes but mostly stays at 640x521 or somewhere around that. Unless I manually drag the window out. I'm playing on a widescreen LG screen, so the box is rather tiny comparitively. I also have rather bad eyesight, so I have to be closer to the screen to be able to read text.

I have the graphics plug-in set to native at the moment (as that's the only way the other game I have [Legend of Legaia 2: Duel Saga] would run cutscenes properly).

Thanks in advanced for any help. =)

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I think it works. Use GSDX plugin and enable HW hacks. Configure HW hacks and set TC offset X and Y to 500. This is only for Haunting Ground to fix some misalignment stuff, you will want to turn it off for other games. These settings are in Config->Video->plugin settings.

Config->Emulation Settings-> GS window is where you can change the initial size of the graphics window.
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How do I enable HW hacks? I know that the configuration guide said something about changing the .ini file?

And thanks. I'll try that.
No you just go to GS-plugin settings and tick the box HW hacks next to the configure button.
After messing around with it a little, I realized I was using an older version of the GDSX plugin by accident. Whoops. 'Cause I couldn't for the life of me find HW hacks anywhere. It's working now. Thanks to both of you. =)

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