A custom gsdx which include many nice hackfix, source code attached
sorry for wasting your timeMellow

[edit - avih]
Restored original title and patch (with permission from the author of Cutie and in compliance with the GPL).
Please don't remove it. Thank you.

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Nice, the patch does seem to contain some gamefixes as opposed to the ShadeBoost source released (which was basically just the color thing).
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Is this allowed under the forum rules? I know hacked builds of PCSX2 are banned, but what about plugins?
It's the patch, not a binary.

Still? Who made what, and who stole what? O.o
And why wasn't it made available before, since I think it's mandatory according to the Licence?
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
hmm, about who made and who stole, that's quite a long story and mostly happened around chinese emu site though..
as for this gsdx, it has been around quite long time too, started around gsdx 4800 i think when it was just trying to get rid of red forest problem of Valkyrie ProfileWackoilmeria at first, under hardware mode.

so basically this plugin is open source all the time but mostly found at chinese website, maybe you know they got problem in writing english.
and the story goes like when the bad extremum guys came and stole all people's hard work, and guess we need avengers to do some justice jobNinja?
Well, the patch applies cleanly to GSdx r5065, and it also compiles, and from the tons of crc hacks (specific game fixes) which it adds, I tested two, which indeed seem to improve the games. Can't vouch for the patch because I didn't give it a full review, but at least it does compile and run and seems functional.
I tried that "cutie" only once for game which graphics was bothering me the most and it looked better on static screenshot than actually in game with broken shadows(which normally aren't) got much better results building my own version based on rama's offset hack and restoring post processing and lost interest, so I wouldn't really jump with joy after seeing just the awfully long list in the patch, but some of those do look promising. It's cool it finally leaked, nice thing to waste some time over boring weekend, thanks hoewer you obtained it(ninja wizard?;P).
avih, thanks for compile and checking it out, if you hapens to have Haunting Ground, try it, there's quite a difference.
and more info about this patch i forgot :
additional "hack" function added, such as toggling textute cache on the fly (this i only direct translate), skip layer, skip bad processing and etc..
gotta compile it and playing around with it

and a built in different color engine base on this website, an internal filter(direct translate) which say can display sharper image which i don't really see any difference
http://gens32.emubase.de/ (seems down atm)
some different color enhance profile preset, i don't really care about the color but maybe others will find it useful?
maybe there's more though, but it's time to let the Dev figure out then^^
it's abit hard for me to write in english though, better keep this short
We have shadeboost in the official GSdx for some time, soo that part is good enough to throw outTongue, I'm currently under way to patch the latest version with it(pretty much everything except shadeboost), but it's bothersome, most changes between that patch and latest revision is GSdx... ~_~ gonna leave interface parts of those new hacks for tomorrow as that wall of text scares me off;P.

It has alot of hacks, and gave me idea how to use my DBZBT2&3 hackfix soo it affect only those games, would be nice if that could get to official release considering it restores most post processing glitchless, through I guess the amount of hacks and crc checks flying around through whole gsdx in this "cutie" is soo scarry that I dunno what to think about it;].
I am in contact with the cutie author and I have all the changes as a patch.
The main thing it does over regular GSdx is a lot more CRC based hacks which I plan
to add some day.

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