A farewell from cottonvibes
As of today I am officially retiring from the PCSX2 emulation project.
I am being offered a great job opportunity which will not only utilize my programming skills, but will provide an environment which allows them to further grow and improve.

The decision to leave was not an easy one, and I would not leave the project for just any job, but this career opportunity is too good to let it slide.

I have learned a great deal in my years coding for PCSX2, and I want to thank the team for allowing me to work with them on this great project.
I hope the project continues to improve in my absence, and I look forward to the future PCSX2 v1.0 release.

So to the PCSX2 team, thanks and good luck!
And thank you to the users who appreciated my work.

Check out my blog: Trashcan of Code

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We will miss you. Sad

All the best with your job opportunity and rest of your life.

And remember to keep dropping in every now and then. Smile
You'll be back!
No he won't actually Tongue
Farewell cotton, thanks for all the great work you did for the project. Like Jake you left your mark on PCSX2 Smile Wish you all the best in the new job!
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farewell man i am really happy for you good luck on your life and job

don't forget to visit the forum on your free time !!! Happy
Wish you the best luck man!
You have done great things to this project and the emulation scene as a whole.
now where does this project gonna go???
just kidding Laugh, good luck
Dell Studio 1555: P8700 ([email protected]), HD4570, 4G RAM
PC: E6500, 8800GT, 4G RAM
Goodbye cotton may your job give you what you appreciate most !

but i really like the way and the time you left ( just after microVU , GIF rewrites and MTVU )

leave while you're on the top or never do Smile

Farewell Cottonvibes , Air and PCSX2 Sad

*Almost missed this couse Skyrim* :C

Wish you best in your career Cotton and life as whole, thanks for all your work, it was fun seeing your improvements of PCSX2, building of CottonNES as well as your technical posts which were showing potentially boring things in an interesting manner.
Farewell and good luck.
Huge kudos to your future!! Do what's important to you. Smile

And thank you for all the work you left behind for others to learn from.

(at least you stopped while going -up- in life, unlike some other (unnamed) pcsx coder) :hehe:

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