A few pnach questions google has failed
Ones that google either cannot parse well though I'm sure the answers exist, or just didn't get me anything.

1.) A lot of Pnach files have codes with a single "/" before them, for instance

// Remove Item on Slot 140(For Use modded stones)

I know "//" comments out the code, but does the single version do something? The code above isn't one i want to use, nor does it appear active; does the / break it the same as commenting it out? "How pnach files work" doesn't mention anything about what a single slash does.

2.) Widescreen "hacks" have across the board been functionally useless, that I've seen; The emulation window is extended, but the game screen isn't resized to use the extra space; its just black space. I'll admit I haven't got a very big ps2 library I've attempted them on, but am I correct in assuming that that's all they do?

3.) Is there a "general" method to joker a pnach code? I think google is getting me out of date information in lots of places, as there are some posts saying joker/complex codes don't work, some saying they do and have been fixed, some pnach files that have them some that don't, and I am officially very confused on the matter.

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1. Not as far as I know. I haven't seen it in any pnach either.
2. You need to press F6 in-game or go to Config - Emulation Settings - GS Windows tab to change the actual aspect ratio of PCSX2.
3. They should work. See here for more info: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-How-PNACH-files-work-2-0
Excellent, thank you! I've gotten codes for both mana khemia and dark cloud 2 with single slashes, which since thats half the games I've tried struck me as fairly frequent, but I guess it's just a typo or something. Widescreen is working perfectly now, and the updated how pnach files work was very helpful, I was in fact reading the outdated one.

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